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About a year ago, we decided to spend a day touring cold harbor battlefield. We took our time walking around and occasionally stopped to take photos and/or audio for possible E. V. P. At one point, we became aware of mysterious ''walking sounds'' that seemed to follow us along the path.
The sounds were very distinct,... Breaking twigs and rustling leaves. Each time, the sounds would stop a few seconds after we had stopped walking. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, we decided to check the area for possible persons or animals.
Nothing was found. We snapped off a few shots and continued on. The mysterious footsteps abruptly ended shortly after.
Submitted by Stephanie

       Categories: sounds, footsteps, animals, harbor

1. I was about 6 years old, we were living in an old house on Church Hill. The house is located right across the street from the battle field and a small Museum there. Every night around 1 am we would wake up to sounds of shots.It sounds like a battle going on. One day my father could not taker the noise any longer and went outside to see what was going on, me and my brother followed him. When we got on our porch we looked across the street the field, and we could see these ghosts figures fighting...Yes fighting, they were the souls of the soldiers from the Civil War. There were carrying on their battle as if they were still alive. As soon as the were shot, the would fall to the ground for a couple of minutes, then stand up and carry on.This happened almost every night AR the same time, the whole time we lived there. 2. I was at a friend's house on Fulton hill (I lived down the street from her). We always had a couple of ghost problems at out house, and she did too.She showed me a picture that her mother found when the first bought the house. The picture is an old black and white picture of a little girl. Her mother found the picture glued to the back of her closet.She took it down and threw it away. The next day the picture was back in it's place. She thought it was odd, so she tore of the picture and threw it away. The next day the picture was back. She became freaked out by this and I went and tore up the picture, burnt it, and threw it away myself.But again the next day it was back in it's place. I wanted to scan it onto my computer and post it only to see if anyone knew who this little girl was, but every time I try scanning it, it shows up blank.I thought something was wrong with my scanner so I tried it at different friends house and I get the same result. 3. I was about 9 years old and was living in a house on Montrose heights. This house was haunted and we had problems with it all the time.It is so bad that I am now in counseling because the images we saw while living there, still haunt my dreams. But like I said, I was about 9 years old and was playing in my room with my best friend.I had a little teddy bear, that if you pressed his hand he would sing this little song, it went ''dream with me, dream with me, falala I plea, bedtime is a magical time, dream with me I plea''.Well the teddy bear was across the room and started singing by itself. We were so scared we ran downstairs and told my mom. She told us it was the batteries going bad and for me to bring it down and she would take the batteries out.Well I said OK and went back upstairs and brought it down(still singing). My mother opened the battery box up and there was no batteries... But the bear would not stop singing. My mother was so horrified she took the bear to the dump right then and there.But yes that house was very scary, in fact the last month we lived there, we could hear this woman crying. It was this sad mourning crying, like how people cry when a love one dies. You could only hear her crying in my parents room.We first thought it was our neighbor, so once my dad heard her crying he went over to the neighbor's house. Our neighbor said it was not her and she did not hear anything. It was horrible because it was all day and all night...This loud crying, and you could not hear it anywhere else but my parents room. I feel very sorry for the people who are living there now. .
Submitted by Shalani

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