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  Has anyone ever stayed at the Lee Jackson Motor Lodge. I have seen and heard a lot of spirits since staying here.
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I spent fifteen years living in a house in Lee Jackson Heights in Verona, Virginia. While I do not want to give readers the address as to not disturb current owners; the house or the land was haunted. My family lived there in the 1970s and 1980s. We adored our family home and even today are very fond of the place. We had incredible experiences which included knocks on doors by unseen hands, lights turning on or off, televisions turning on or off, footsteps on creaking floors, and an otherwise working garage door jamming and locking a visitor in our garage. I must tell readers, however, that whatever we were experiencing although sometimes eerie; this haunting was never menacing or evil.

The most startling experience occurred in the late 1980s when the sounds of a hammer tapping support posts in our basement were heard ringing through the house while only one person was there. Two posts were ringing. These tapping sounds were so loud and fast that it was assumed someone must have been in the basement running from one post to the other tapping them. The posts were anchored in the storage portion of the basement and about eight feet apart. Just as the ringing subsided other family members returned home and immediately investigated the downstairs family room and basement. All doors and windows were locked, and no one was down there. However, a sledge hammer that was ordinarily stored in the basement was found on the floor between the posts.
There were at least four ghost sightings in the house that I am aware of. If there were more we were never made aware of them. Though we experienced a great deal of paranormal activity in the house, we never felt threatened or in danger. The ghosts seemed to be more just pranksters than harmful, and there appeared to be several. In the late 1970s I was put to bed one Saturday night as I had been falling asleep on the floor of the family room for the prior hour. We had bunk beds in our bedroom, and I slept on the bottom bunk. As I lay there I felt as if someone were peering around the corner in the hall looking into my bedroom. I looked and saw nothing but still felt the presence. I tossed and turned unable to go back to sleep. I looked again and there just outside the bedroom door appeared a misty swirl of bright yellow. I froze for a moment and when I could move my hands I pulled the cover over my head. When I finally had the nerve to pull the cover down, just enough to peer out, the swirl was above me hovering just below the upper bunk. I slung the covers back and bolted for the hallway and down the stairs to the family room. It was years before I told my family what happened that night.

In the early 1980s, another family member awoke one night in the wee hours of the morning. An oscillating fan was running on the chest of drawers beside the bed. As his eyes adjusted to the darkened room he caught a glimpse of something at the foot of the bed. He squinted and blinked his eyes to clear them. When his vision finally focused he could make out the startling image. It was a woman dressed in a long white flowing gown standing at the foot of the bed. She smiled. After a moment staring at one another his instinct to be frightened sunk in, and he pulled his hands in front of his face and closed his eyes. When nothing happened he opened his eyes and searched the darkness. She was gone. The oddest part of this sighting is that he remembers that as the oscillating fan turned to blow in her direction the long flowing gown moved in the light breeze.

In the mid 1980s, again, I had another experience when I saw the figure of an apparent Civil War soldier walking through the kitchen and dining area. It was early evening, around 8:00 pm in January. The light in the kitchen was on, but all other lights upstairs were off. The family was gathered downstairs in the family room watching a television program. I had gone to the kitchen to get a drink. I stood at the sink and had a strange feeling come over me as if someone were in the room with me. As I turned to return back to the family room, the figure appeared walking directly in front of me and crossing my path. The apparition was very clearly visible as if looking at a living person; however, you could see that he was not solid and somewhat translucent. He was wearing a gray uniform and hat. He had brown tuffs of hair coming just past his ears from under the hat. He had a mustache but no beard. He was about 5-11 and looked to be about 165 175 pounds. He was lean but muscular and handsome. He stepped out in front of me from around a corner. He did not look at me or even seem to notice that I was in the room. He walked past me, and as he entered into the darker dining room he disappeared. I never saw him again, and to my knowledge no one else has either.

The scariest sighting occurred in the very early morning hours one night when a family member tramped out to the kitchen to get a drink. In the kitchen was an exterior door leading out of the house. As he finished his glass of water he stepped toward the entry to the dining room. In doing so, he glanced to the exterior door which had panes of glass. To his astonishment, there staring back at him, from outside was the face of a man. He turned his head and then looked back. The man was still there, but it appeared that there was nobody holding the face and head up. Then as quickly as he saw the face, it disappeared. It was dark, and this incident may have been a real person, a peeping tom. On many occasions we would leave the family room during commercial breaks of our favorite programs to get snacks or drinks. One or all of us would return to find the television off. Often when this would happen a light would also be turned off, or even a light that had been on would be turned off and one that was off would be turned on. Throughout the entire time we lived there we would often have the family playing a game or watching programs together in the family room when we would hear the distinctive sound of footsteps moving through the hallway above. Father would of course go check to see who may be there and always the same thing. He would find no one.

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