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It's Ranger again. Okay so my friend is spending the night tonight and...
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  When I was about 6 7 or 8 I lived in my old house and I kept seeing really weird shadows of people walking around and they were black. I still sometimes  
  see them and it is really freaky.
Submitted by Grace

       Category: shadows

I was sixteen at the time when we moved into a house from the 1950s. It was a nice old fashioned two-story home except for the abandoned house across the street from us. My mom told me that they were constructing the house to make it brand new again and sell out to somebody. The day we moved in and settled down in our new home I was in my bedroom at night with my lamp on beside my bed drawing in my notebook until my lamp flickered on and off twice. I thought nothing of it at the time because the house was old and what not, so I continued to draw and scribble till I heard a loud bang like a gun shot from across the street. I rushed to my window and opened the curtains to see what happened, but everything looked fine.
Nobody was inside at that moment, but the lights were on. My parents and my sister were fast asleep, and I was the only one awake. I decided to close the door in my room and turn my light off before it blew out. Once I did that I shut the curtains in my window and put my notebook away and went to bed. Later that night at about 3:35 am I felt like someone was watching me, and I just could not sleep anymore. I felt uncomfortable. I got off my bed and slowly walked down the hallway towards the stairs past my sister's door and my parents'. When I approached the top of the stair case I looked downstairs, and I saw a tiny figure completely covered in black. Before I could go up to it and see what it was, it turned and walked into the kitchen. I followed behind tip toeing. I entered the kitchen and saw it making its way towards the basement door that was locked with chains wrapped around the handle of the knob. It stopped right in front of the door, and I stopped twelve inches away from it. I stared at the back of it in complete fear.
It turned around and faced me placing its finger over its lips telling me to be quiet, and I froze when it smiled with its pitch black eyes that glowed in the dark. Then it walked off into the living room. I made my way into the living room in search of the little shadow, but when I entered it was too late; it was gone. I sighed that it was over, but this was all really happening, so that scared me also. I went back up the stairs quietly trying not to wake my parents or my sister and went into my room and went back to sleep.
It had been a week already living in my new house. Every night I woke up at 3:35 am and saw that little black figure walking around the bottom of the stair case and mostly in the living room. It did not see me anymore because I liked to keep my distance away from it. I had not told my mom or dad about what I had been seeing, and neither had my sister Anasia. Anasia and I saw the little black figure, but she also saw something else I did not see. She saw a six-foot man that was covered in black just like the little one I saw, but this man had glass black eyes with heavy steps. I heard him downstairs every night before I got up.
One night my parents went out to dinner, and Anasia went to a friend's house down the road. Of course, I was home alone with my dog Beanie; he was a Golden Retriever. When everyone left I went into the living room and watched TV for about twenty minutes until I saw the little black figure out of the corner of my eye. Beanie did too, but he did not bark when he saw him. He just stared at him like I always did. It stuck his head in the living room motioning its tiny black hand towards me to follow it, so I did. I got up and followed it through the kitchen to the front door. It opened the door slowly and watched me look outside. The lights across the street were on again except for the shadows pacing by the windows. I looked down at the little figure, and it just smiled at me, so I smiled back without thinking. Beanie came behind me and looked at the figure from between my legs afraid to get near it. I stepped out the door and took a hold of Beanie's leash and made my way across the road towards the house across the street.

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