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Phenix City, Alabama Ghost Pictures

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Cemeteries in Phoenix City, Al. - Ghost picture submitted by Jerry


I lived in a home off of hwy 80W in Phenix City a few years back and I felt that my home was haunted. I had a paranormal team come and investigate and they confirmed there was at least 2 entities in and near my home. Since I had a baby and I was alone in my home due to my husband being deployed I was terrified. I found out that previously right before we moved in the tenant had died in my daughter's room!!! Well, that explained one entity but the other was a more demonic one. My husband was even shoved into the fridge one time by it. It had red eyes and I never want to go back to that place again!!! I saw it one time and within 3 weeks I was out of there!!! Now, I am hearing taps on my roof at night and knocks on my back wall and my husband even asked me the other night to stop throwing things at his head while he was trying to go to sleep!!! Funny thing is, I never threw anything at him. We even heard what could only be described as foot steps on my ceiling in my bedroom. If you want a good haunting then go visit my old residence....and if not....then STAY AWAY!!! and if you look closely at the mist in this pic you can see the demonic face in it!!! creepy!!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Sarah

Comment by Cameron:
Was this house by a church and down the street from a Circle K?.

Comment by Observer:
How come no one ever answers comments left of their photos?.

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