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Jacksonville, Florida Ghost Pictures

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School house 4 submitted by Columbia paranormal research society. - Ghost picture submitted by Holly

       Category: home

Eubanks cemetery submitted by Columbia paranormal research society. - Ghost picture submitted by Holly

Comment by Michael:
As much as I want ghosts to exist I feel that this is sunlight affecting the optics of your camera. Notice the rainbow effect... Showing the full spectrum of light.

       Category: cemetery

. - Ghost picture submitted by Holly


Timaquana ghost, this was taken at Timaquana Park in Jacksonville, FL. The ghost is pointing to the burial grounds of the Indians. - Ghost picture submitted by Columbia

       Category: park

I worked the 18:00 to 02:00 shift for several years and occasionally I come home and find our downstairs living room ceiling fan on full blast and the light turned up as bright as it could go. Sometimes our dining room light which is on a dimmer would be turned on all the way.
My wife was reading in the living room one night and the fan started turning on and off. We recently moved out and I took some pictures on the house for our mls listing and found a couple orbs in one of the pictures.
I am interested in feedback from anyone on if they think these are ghosts or not. - Ghost picture submitted by Jeff

Comment by Pervaiz:
I am sure this is not a ghost picture as I have already confused for many pics I have been taking for the ghosts, but I have been getting some circles that might be due to the dust particles, flash light, and zooming.
I have tried hundred of times in the night but the same results. I have already seen a ghost very close and I can provide witness of other persons, my brother saw the same. I was also trying to search for the ghost and to make pics but after one month work did not get any single spotting.
These creatures are very intelligent in reshaping themselves and are naughty too. The most probable events of seeing ghosts were recorded in hundreds of records but no pictures were possible to be taken. Our town has been seeing ghosts continuously for months.

For more true ghost stories please contact me at pvza_mb

       Categories: home, orbs, lights

Our family welcomed an investigation provided by FPRF, which confirmed my 2 small children have visitors from time to time, often many siblings at once! This was a wonderful experience we all shared together and none of us are no longer scared of our friends.
With the guidance of the local FPRF team, we were educated on the subject and my children now feel comfortable that they can share their experiences with adults, without being criticized. Our happenings began when both of our youngest boys were able to talk! take a look at the orbs that were present in one of the photos, which included a military-grade flight helmet that mysteriously appeared in our home, which my then year old swore it had always been his, along with the feather pen he had when he was a big girl a long time ago!. - Ghost picture submitted by Keirsten

       Categories: home, girls, children, boys, orbs

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