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Blue Ridge, Georgia Ghost Pictures

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Here are pictures of orbs at the Chastain house in 2016. - Ghost picture submitted by Joan

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This picture was taken in the Tilly Bend Church Cemetery around 1 am. Tilly Bend is a church that is known in Ellijay and Blue Ridge for being haunted, there are a lot of stories about it, from ghost to a witches grave in the top left corner of the cemetery.
This picture has an orb that is floating above the ground a few inches. It is centered above and between the two bottom stones. I'll let this picture speak for itself, as for the area I have seen other things (that I have witnesses that were with me and they saw them too) that are very strange in that area, not ghost but something.
The first time I've seen them we were camping and one ran through the camp their not big. Just strange and very fast. My friends and I have been there since and have concluded they come out for curiosity not menace.

 if your looking for something like that check out that area. Go to Blue Ridge, GA. To ask Rd. , left on shallow Ford bridge, bear rt. , take left fork for the church and right for the campground.
Between the campground and just before the church watch the woods you may see them.  if you do go there please respect the church grounds and whatever is there and don't disturb anything. - Ghost picture submitted by S

Comment by Greg:
What the hell are those 2 red things just above the witch's grave ? ! ? ! They look like eyes! Contact: stringlord69

Comment by Jacqueline:
I would like to speak to someone about this area and the things that I have seen not too far up the road. I actually caught an apparition of a 1936 American flag on the 4th of July in a cabin that was under construction. Please reply to : skinspa @mac .com.

Comment by anonymous:
I am a person that has to see for myself things instead of reading about them I took a trip to Tilley Bend at night and my experience was strange and hard to explain first when we got out of the car we heard a scream that sound like a woman. We walked to the top of the cemetery to the grave of Polly Long, and Elizabeth Bradley
Nothing out of the ordinary happened there but when we got back down to the parking lot and shined the flashlights back up in the cemetery it looked as if red lights were hovering above the tombstone this can be explained as a reflection off a tombstone or flowers but as we were standing in the parking lot talking there were pebbles hitting the ground next to our feet.
I do not know how to explain that all I can say is take a trip to Tilley Bend at dark and judge for yourself.

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