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My husband's parents and aunts always told us that this house that we live in now was haunted. It is a very old house. It has been in the family for sixty years. As a matter of fact there has been 3 people that died in the house. The story tells that where the house is located on Steele Rd. at one time the road used to be Mr. S's drive way and on a drunken rage he killed his wife and child and dumped the bodies in the woods beside the drive. And when they built this house they discovered the bodies of a small child and woman on the lot. And since the house has been lived in the small girl had been seen by several family members other than ourselves. Well I am a picture freak so one night just sitting here; our dog kept barking and looking around so my husband shut his computer and it so happened that I was looking at pics I had previously taken. So I took a pic of the dog while he was barking in the dark ''just playing around''.
Then flashed the picture and there it was the little girl hovering over our dog we could not see it with our naked eyes. A lot of the so called sightings may or may not be real b / c There is no photo but we have one we know that our ghost is real... Very much so she opens and slams doors, randomly pulls the ottoman out to watch TV., knocks things off the counters... Not small stuff but big stuff... The dog still barks at her still, but we just let her be. She likes I guess to eat cereal or coffee. Once there is a repeated noise of a spoon clanking porcelain..And my son says that she is his friend I have walked into his room and he has been found in the floor talking to her several times... We have had Chattanooga ghost hunters and a priest from La also wanted to exorcise our house. However, we do not want to make her mad and she's not causing any harm right now, so she's more than a ghost she's our roommate from the other side... - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by anonymous:
What? I have heard stories on Mr. Stansel my whole life. I live on Steele. This is crazy. I love this stuff.

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