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Adricat is right. Something is going on at the cabin. I took the metal chimes down which seemed to make events less frequent. I am usually there alone. Recently I felt a presence as I lay in bed. I could see the time on the security panel, 1:00 AM. I looked, and there was a young girl, maybe 10 years old at the stairs. Other than the faint glow of the alarm panel it was very dark. She was dressed in a long dress like poor people made from feed bags in the old days. She did not seem at all threatening or scary. I thought ''this is crazy'' and turned the light on. Nothing was there. I rolled over and looked away and went to sleep.

At some point I awoke to feel something pressing against my back in the bed. The girl was sitting straight up on top of the bed kind of hovering over me. I nearly jumped out of my skin and turned a light on. Nothing was there, but there was an impression on the quilt. I heard what sounded like footsteps downstairs. I grabbed a pistol before running down there because we sometimes get bears on the porch. My search of the house turned up nothing. I have a picture of my grandmother taken in 1910 when she was about 12 years old. Strong resemblance to the apparition I saw or imagined I saw. It was very real to me at the time. Next day I checked the night vision cameras in the living room and found the attached photo. What is it?

I talked to a woman who claims to know about such things. She thinks that there is probably a Mandingo attached to the property where the house is. Perhaps Grannie is there when it comes around to protect me from it. Or perhaps the Mandingo takes her form to make me comfortable until it gains enough strength to attack. Believing in it will make it ever stronger. . - Ghost picture submitted by Kitagista

Comment by Kitagista:
Photo explanation: this is an infrared (night vision) camera which detects motion. When movement is detected it sends a series of photos to my email account. The vertical light in the upper center is a very small led bulb in a lamp.
It looks bright in night vision but is actually very small and dim. The small round white light in the right side is a night light which also detects motion. It was on so it had detected movement too.
The mystery is what is the white flowing object? I have no idea. This is the only time this has ever happened in the years this camera has been there. The picture is time tagged at 1:01 am, same time as when I saw the girl.

I have 8 other night vision cameras outside. I get lots of odd images on them.

Comment by Kris:
It looks to be a spirit orb. I would like to come investigate.

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