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Beech Grove, Indiana Ghost Pictures

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Got a 95.59 psychokinetic energy reading. - Ghost picture submitted by Michael


We moved into our house on N. 5th Avenue in August 2015. Immediately my boyfriend felt uneasy. Around October 2015, two months after moving in I started taking videos with my cell phone. I had caught some orbs. I got very addicted to recording them. On one recording I thought I heard a voice that did not belong to anyone in my family. It had said ''get out of this damn house. '' I then got NUMEROUS recordings of this same ''man'' who I soon named ''The sniffer'' because he would ALWAYS sniff like his nose was runny. He had also mentioned a few names, Ellen, Billy, Tina, my name, and my boyfriend's daughter's name.

We also have numerous objects fly off counters such as toothpaste, pens, lighters, silverware. I have a huge 36x48 size mirror in my bedroom that is propped up against the wall on top of my hope chest that seems to be very noisy! It makes a lot of clicking noises and a noise like someone throwing a coin at it, and it has also moved away from the wall a bit. We have LOTS of dark shadows, LOTS AND LOTS of white, blue, and yellow transparent orbs seen with the naked eye! We see small pin point lights like a laser pointer in white, blue, green and yellow, seen with the naked eye.

I had an EVP of a gentleman that was in desperate need of help. I got VERY emotionally attached IMMEDIATLY with him. He begged me to help him, so I contacted a friend that is a paranormal investigator, and he coached me in trying to help this man cross over into the light. I wasn't able to quite catch his name because it was a bit inaudible. However, he seemed like he was saying ''Ryan or Brian Phelps. '' I asked if he wanted me to give his loved ones a message and what their names were. He said ''yes, I'm ok,'' but I couldn't make out the family's name. ''Todd'' or ''Scott'' was 2 of the names he said.

Long story short, I did what I was taught with helping him cross over into the light. I am assuming he made it because I haven't heard from him since. I'm about to cry now because he touched my soul. If he made it through, then I've helped someone in the greatest way that most people cannot. There are other spirits in my house still to this day. I quit recording due to the stress it puts on me. The last recording I did, I had another man asking me for help. I have a pastor coming this weekend to bless my house. If anyone thinks they have possibly lived in my house on N. 5th Avenue and have had weird occurrences, please email me at greeneyedmomscrb2@gmail. Com, or if you have any info on the house that may help us understand why it's SOO active. Thank you. - Ghost picture submitted by C and G

Comment by C and G:
If anyone knows of anything that has happened on my property.. Like the original house that sat on the lot or the house that is on it now.. Please.. We need help because whatever or whomever is still lingering has had a major affect on all of us..
And it's not good. I will give my address through email if you think you may have any info. My new email is Christinalee11671 @gmail. com thank you.

Comment by C and G:
We finally moved from the house in June 2016. Family broken. I still want answers. There has been 28 tenants that have lived here since 2003! Ryst9390

Comment by Chrissy:
My new email is ryst9390

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