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I took my family camping at Wilson State Park in Harrison, Michigan. This is one of the family's favorites because of the beach and the old, boarded up beach house. The beach house is old brick and sandstone with a long cement walkway that leads up to this. It is scary just to look at and my kids along with several of the other campers kids loved to play ''ghost'' around the structure.

Several years ago while on a tour with one of the Park Rangers, we were told to stay out of the water during the evening and not to be tempted to take a ''midnight dip'' on those nights when it was too hot and sticky to sleep in the tent. There were no lifeguards on duty and usually no one around to help, if you need it. Besides, he went on wearing a smile; you might come across the ghost of a young woman that was alleged to walk along the beach at night.

The Ranger went on to tell the story about a group of teens who went out drinking in the early 30's and, while paddling an old canoe around the lake in the dark, suffered a capsize. As it was dark and no one could hear there cries for help, no one came to their aid. All the teens drowned and sank to the bottom of the dark, murky lake except for one, a young teen girl who made it to the shore. She was found early the next morning by some fishermen, wrapped in a blanket and sitting on one of the carved sandstone benches that line the old beach house.

She was dead. No one knew how she got the blanket, how she made it out of the lake and why she was soaking wet. It wasn't until her friends bodies washed up on shore many days later was the mystery solved. The Ranger then told us that her ghost will sometimes be seen at night by the old boathouse looking for her friends. Thinking this is more a story to be told around a campfire, I quickly put it out of my mind.

One night several years later, on one of those hot and sticky nights the Ranger mentioned in his story, I couldn't sleep and decided to take a walk down by the lake. Checking on everyone before I left, I found the family to be sound asleep. Slowly and quietly I unzipped the tent and stepped into the night air. The entire campground was dark and quiet as I lightly walked down to the lake. I sat on the beach for a little bit, looking at the stars that shown brightly on a dark, Michigan night. I began to realize I was getting sleepy and decided to return to the tent.

As I stood up I heard some footsteps up by the boat house. Expecting to see another hot and sticky camper, I prepared myself to say a quiet hello. Suddenly and without warning, I heard a woman yell, ''Where are you''. However, it was not a loud yell, but it was a subdued and muffled yell. I said nothing. Again, I heard a few more steps and another muffled yell, ''Help me''. The last yell made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I began to jog across the sand beach toward the boathouse to see who needed help. I tightly grasped my small, one shot camera as to not to drop it in the sand.

As I neared the large cement patio that overlooked the lake I again heard this muffled cry for help. At this point I began to suspect something as the voice and the yells did not seem right. After taking the last of my quiet steps in the sand I came around the corner where I could see the walkway. There, standing on the walkway was the figure of a young woman who appeared to be soaking wet from her head to her toes. I said out loud, ''Oh my gosh, you're soaking wet. What happened?'' At this point the young lady turned to me and looked like she was going to say something. She looked somewhat surprised to see me. I think my footsteps were made silent by running across the sand. As she turned and looked at me I could see that she had no facial features. I could make out the outline of her face and hair, but in the place where her eyes should have been was just blank.

This shook me terribly as I determined I was looking at a ghost. I quickly pulled up the little instamatic camera I had been carrying and snapped a picture. At this moment she just shrunk and faded into a small bright dot, the kind that you used to see on older television sets when you turned them off. The dot stayed there for another couple of seconds and then flew away. I was terrified. Not wanting to hang around I quickly ran back to my tent. I fumbled and slipped as I zipped down the zipper and tripped over my wife as I jumped into my bed roll.

I must have been breathing very heavy as it woke my wife. ''Holy Cow, what's the natter, dear'' she whispered. I told her I was sorry and was scared of a bat which made a swoop at my head which made my heart pound. She told me that everything was OK and rubbed my back and then turned over and went to sleep. I laid in my bedroll for the rest of the night, never sleeping a wink. It was several weeks later when my wife was looking at the developed photos she had picked up from the drug store. ''What is this'', she said, holding up the stack of photos. While looking at the photos of the kids she took, she came across the picture I had taken several nights earlier.

I had forgotten about that picture as I was so scared and determined to leave the area. My heart stopped and all the hairs on my body stood up as I looked at the photo. I mumbled something to my wife about a bad picture and went to sit down in another room. I have never told anyone about my incident or showed anyone the photograph I took that night. Later, I took the picture out of the stack that was taken during our camping trip at Wilson State Park. I stashed the photograph along with some other stuff that never gets looked at. After almost thirty years I share my story with you. - Ghost picture submitted by Gene

Comment by Svea:
Ok so you pic up a photo from the net and saying it's yours. I have seen this photo before. It was taken by some paranormal group.

Comment by Tony:
This photo was taken digitally if the photo had been taken by a one shot camera and then scanned the colors wouldn't be blocked like that.

Comment by Margie:
I've heard this story many times when growing up near Wilson Park. This is exactly how I imagined the girl to look like. We used to go to the beach at night trying to see or hear the ghosts of these kids; it's kind of a thing high school kids do when we drink and are bored.

Comment by Amy:
I don't know anything about cameras or digital images, but I do know this story to be true. We grew up hearing this story and would often go down to the lake to hope to catch a peak at this ghost. This photo is (or used to be) in the Rangers Station at the park. It's what teens do on a hot summer's night. I also know of some people who have seen this ghost, and this is exactly how they describe it. Their experience creeps them out as they don't know what to do or how to help.

Comment by Ed:
Can't comment on the digital scanning or how pictures are reproduced. But that is the walkway at Wilson State Park that is behind the beach house. That I can say without a doubt. And growing up in the area I am all too familiar with the story. The person who submitted the photo and story got it right.

Comment by Curt:
That is definitely the old concrete walkway at Wilson State Park! I don't know how that figure got there, but I grew up swimming and fishing in that area, and I can tell you for a fact that it gets really eerie around there as soon as the sun goes down. I always was creeped out whenever I fished there by myself as a kid or teenager. I heard the story 1000 times; there's got to be something to it. If you walk down there by yourself at night, the hair on the neck will stand up, guaranteed.

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