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I live right across the street from the haunted cemetery, we have pictures to prove it. Here's a picture of my sister and her friend, look behind them, there are multiple spirits. - Ghost picture submitted by Dylan

Comment by Observer:
Multiple 'spirits'? Try multiple demons!.

Comment by Alexis:
Wow that looks scary. Where was that at?.

Comment by anonymous:
Looks similar to the famous black articulating mass filmed in Ronhert Park home in the 1980s.

Comment by anonymous:
Fake. What cemetery?.

Comment by Dylan:
This is Dylan, and I wish I was kidding about this. The picture this was taking at was on 93x east 4th Street. My mother still lives here. We had are fair share of things, but it physically hasn't done anything to us. Only thing it has done is make its presence known to us all. If anybody has info or want to know more or have a team to come out and check it out, you're more than welcome. Here's my email address dylansams60 @gmail .com.

Comment by Bee:
I believe it. The cemetery on East 4th Street. I have family in there. I was sitting visiting the grave site, and about 10 ft away in front of me was a huge shadowy figure holding a Sheppard rod or something. It looked like it was draped in a cloak from head to toe. It was 9 ft tall and took great strides when it walked very mighty confident. It scared the hell out of me. I was afraid to move, so I watched it till it dissipated . Lol, then I got up and ran out of there. Never in my life have I seen such a thing. Angel of death/Grim Reaper, either way I believe I saw a demon. I was not drunk or on drugs. It wasn't very dark out. 200 percent true story, and to be honest that event still bothers me to this very day. I wonder why some people like myself can see stuff like this, and why some can not. Definitely seeing that bothers the hell out of me seriously. Very unsettling.

Comment by Amy:
I believe this. I used to live on E. Third Street, and that house was haunted beyond belief. Two sets of paranormal investigators were amazed.

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