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Stuck my camera into the old block house window near Pioneer Park in M...
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  I live in Baker College's Macdonald Hall. I often hear babies crying from the rooms around me, and once I heard a child laughing and something that sounded like a music box. I asked the people that live next to and across the hall from me, and they haven't heard it. A lot of times I'll leave my room for five or ten minutes and come back to several of the cabinet doors open.
Submitted by Lilly

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I moved into a house on E. Isabella in May of 2010. My youngest was a little over a year at the time, so he couldn't crawl up the steps to the upstairs or get into the kitchen. I had decided to make baby gates with plywood and hinges and used hook locks to keep them shut. They were installed within a day of living there. One night about a week after we moved in I was up alone reading a book. Out of the corner of my eye the hook lock on the gate blocking the second floor unlock itself. I tried explaining it away. I told myself that it must not have been locked right or something. Just as I was convinced there was a logical reason it did that, the damn thing picked itself up and swung the other way towards the little part it hooked into to lock it (the eye. )

I'm 30 years old at the time -- a grown woman. I ran to my room and slept with the light on. I never said anything to the kids or my father who was living with me at the time. I had a friend over a few nights later and was having a bonfire and decided I was brave enough to tell him what happened. He gave me this ''yeah right'' sort of look, and right then my oldest son came outside and said to us ''the lock on the gate in the living room just unlocked itself on its own. '' All I could do was smile and say ''see? I am not crazy!'' That house had many infestations while I lived there such as fleas, fruit flies, bats, and mice.

I'm not talking a small issue. I'm talking a bat or two in my house every single night for two weeks. (Mice by the hundreds) I've set a dozen or so traps and have to empty three or four within the first five minutes. The fruit flies were so bad; they were in every single room of the house in the middle of winter, no less and were in the hundreds. They would wake you up at all hours buzzing in your face. I went on one hell of a cleaning frenzy and could not locate the source. Nothing I did seem to work. I walked through the house with a can of Raid and sprayed my walls all day long. They seemed to rest on the walls. With a house as clean as it was, I couldn't understand why that was even happening. Some things I understood but never put two and two together until I was forced out. The house caught fire. That in itself was scary.
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When I was a kid I lived in the woods north of Muskegon, Michigan. My parents still live there but I moved when I went to college. My event that I wou...

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