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Growing up in the north east Ohio area, and being some what of a ''ghost hunter'' I know many tales of terror, and tragedy from barris Rd. In North Ridgeville, and the haunted houses on case Rd. Around the corner, to gore orphanage, the area ''hell dogs'', the gospel music heard at night from the ''old horse barn'', the hanged mans bridge. Stories of Milan that are not just stories, where I went to school at for 2 years, and my brother was a police officer for a few years of the glowing head stones,- the angel in particular- that are so old the names engraved on them are no longer distinguishable, and the community crazy that they entombed alive into a hill side that will chase you if provoked by jumping on the ''grave'' three times on a full moon..Not sure never tried that one, my brother said he would not rescue me if it worked.. No one is said to live, and I've seen enough other silly things to believe it might just happen, but when it comes to Norwalk I once spent part of the night in a place I would never want to set foot in again.
As I recall from memory, and this was a long time ago mind you.. Built circa 1890 this amazing Victorian mansion- which I hope to recreate in a much less haunted location with more land someday- was for whatever reason never inhabited for more then two years at a time until left completely vacant for a few decades. Then I cannot remember the exact dates some where between the 1920's and 1950's a group of curious kids dared two of there friends to break into the ''haunted house'' and bring back proof they really did it.
    Once inside the house the boys made there way around, and into the basement where to their horror discovered human remains. Knowing their friends were to chicken to enter, and see for themselves, and knowing they would never believe them, the boys brought a hand with them as proof. Shortly after one of the ''friends'' turned the hand over to the authorities claiming they had found it in the field behind the house while hunting. After being examined, the doctors of the day guessed the hand to be about three weeks old, and began to question the group of murder. Having done no such thing the boys quickly admitted to vandalism, trespassing, and breaking and entering, but not murder. They explained the entire story, and provided the address to where body bags of human limbs, muscle tissue, brain matter, fetuses, tongues, eye balls, skin, hair, and bones along with animal remains were later removed. After further investigation it came to light that the last occupant was a doctor, one who had apparently been working on preservation methods, and for the most part had perfected it. Why he left his...''work'' behind or where he got his specimens from is still largely unknown.
Of course in those days there were only two ways to get body parts since there were not any ''donate your body to science'' programs around, and those were none other then murder, and or grave digging- which is a widely documented thing among early doctors, many famous for chartering all of our modern day knowledge of anatomy and physiology.- however with the doctor in question long gone, and dead by this point. Poor records of missing persons, and not wanting to grave dig themselves - there is a grave yard within walking distance of the property- the remains were lain to rest, and the case was forgotten..
The house was still vacant at this point boarded up, and in sad shape- for sale - when a good friend of mine viewed it as a prospective restoration project, and wondered why it was so cheap, and hadn't already been snatched up.? Then while doing the research on the house - deed work, owners, history, time period, builder ect. Very important to restorative work he came across a few clues, the newspaper articles printed in the day and age telling the entire gory affair as if it were yesterday. Not able to help ourselves a group of us went to get a ''different historical view'' of the house you might say, and were not at all disappointed by what we encountered. Although we were only there a matter of but a few hours in the wee of the morning as we toured the house from level to level attic to basement you could hear the sounds on the level above like people still lived there. Foot steps, voices, fumble in the kitchen, the opening, and closing of doors. It was like we were quiet trembling nonexistent visitors in a house still very alive in the long forgotten past. There were not many words exchanged between as we walked around except for an occasional oh is that a cool fireplace, or a what was that? Ssh! Listen, and nothing out of a horror movie took place, no the walls did not bleed, but there was a definite feeling of unwelcomeness.
After our ''tour'' we quietly exited reboarding on the way out. My mother has always said that if you go looking for trouble you will find it, and in this case she was right. These spirits in this house had no reservations in making themselves known, and letting us know that this house was There is, they were still very much alive, and there. We made no attempt to summon ''anyone'' or conger anything, or I feel there might have been quite a bit more activity there, we made it a goal to not irritate what or who ever off we already had our proof, but trust if you are in Norwalk or any town that old you are not alone I promise you. You may not believe until you see, but once you do you will tired more lightly on what is your land knowing it once was another's, and you still share it to some extent, and back to all the other ghost sightings of the handless ghost, and the headless ghost, the chick with the wire around her neck, etc. The other stories listed on the site...

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