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Youngstown, Ohio Ghost Pictures

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Was taking in Youngstown Ohio in the summer of 2016. Seems too be a female child. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Carmen:
There's two ghost on this picture.. A woman and a little girl side by side.

       Category: children

It has been said that when one experiences a poltergeist, it follows them wherever they go, and I am beginning to believe that. I have lived in 2 other houses that were haunted, and now I live in a home on the South Side of Youngstown. I have also have had haunting experiences here too. About 2 months after my husband and I bought our home weird things started happening. Pictures would not just fall off the walls. They would come off the walls and land several feet from where they came down from.

One night around 3:15 am a plaque that was hung on the wall next to our bedroom came off the wall and landed on the stairway 2ft away. I have had pictures of family members come off the walls and not fall just straight down. Dishes come out of the cupboards in the middle of the night. Food fell off of the top of the refrigerator that had been there for days.

The most eerie experiences I have had was back in 2010. A face showed up on the ceiling at the top of the stairway (see picture. ) Also I had ceramic rolling pins with ''Bless This House'' on them that hung over the doorways going into the kitchen. I went to the store one day, and when I got home the one above the doorway going into the hall lay on the floor shattered in many pieces.

A few nights ago I was awaken about 11:30pm by the sounds of footsteps in the room above where my husband and I sleep. I heard my rocking chair rocking also. I got up to go to the bathroom thinking I was just dreaming, but the house had an eerie feel to it. I glanced up the stairway and usually there is some light that comes in from the window on the landing, but it was pitch black. It was something I have never experienced before. I quickly jumped back in bed and woke my husband. I told him about the footsteps, but when he goes to sleep he is dead to the world around him. He said he did not hear it. I pulled the covers up over my head and went back to sleep.

I guess my ghosts will continue to follow me. It's a frightening feeling, but one I don't talk much about because folks label you as being crazy. I'm not crazy just scared and fear the unknown. I make sure I say my prayers at night. You can read one of my other experiences I wrote about in a house I lived in on Keefer Road in Girard, Ohio. - Ghost picture submitted by Kat

Comment by Bill:
I live in Youngstown also for over 50 years; I have seen and experienced many many many paranormal experiences. I could tell you stories for hours but I just can't write down all of mine and or my family's experiences but would love to hear of others in and around the Youngstown area thank you.

       Categories: bathroom, poltergeist, store, face, family

My home has a few ghosts. I am a guest in their home. House was a barn that dates back to the 1860s. Hubbard, Ohio. - Ghost picture submitted by David

       Categories: barn, home

Another ghost picture form Youngstown. What is that in the bottom of the picture?. - Ghost picture submitted by Thomas


This was taken in woods in 2015 around the corner from Youngstown, Ohio. Full body floating. - Ghost picture submitted by Thomas

       Category: woods

This was taken in Youngstown, Ohio where I got 100s pf pics at in these small woods. - Ghost picture submitted by Thomas

       Category: woods

It all started in August 2013. There is small patch of woods on the Youngstown's south side. I had my metal detector with me to look for old coins. I got bored, but I had my camcorder with me and my digital recorder. I said ''heck with it,'' and I started asking ''are there any spirits here?'' Out of the blue my recorder picked up an EVP. It was loud and clear. It said ''they're over there. '' I started taking pictures.

Tell you what. The woods are haunted - kids, Indians, soldiers, women, men, pioneers, and even animals too. To this day now I got so many figures and faces peeking around trees with wolf-like face peeking around a tree. I have experienced a child sitting on a log and a child praying. To this day I have no idea why they are there, more than 20 in there. I say this could be most haunted place in Ohio. - Ghost picture submitted by Thomas

       Categories: wolf, spirits, tree, evp, soldiers

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