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  In 2016 I lived with my grandparents and my aunts. My grandma said that the house was often checked on by our relatives. She said she saw shadows go into my room. She also heard footsteps downstairs. I absolutely hate going downstairs. One time I had to go down there to take out the trash in the laundry room, and as I was leaving I saw a shadow go into my aunt's room, and I ran upstairs to tell my grandma.
Submitted by Kit

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I do not know if I should consider this real activity or if my mind is just being goofy, but I have had some interesting events pop up in my home over the last seven months or so. We have a few 'touch' lights in our home. Two of them are small plastic ones that you touch two metal dots to turn them on and off. The third one is a larger touch lamp I had bought for my husband years ago that you operate by just touching any part of the metal framework. In the beginning the two small touch lights would turn themselves on and off. I assumed the batteries were dying and replaced them with new ones, but it did not change anything. My husband and I would notice them turning on and off through the night at first, but then it also began to happen during the day. Sometimes right in front of us, and sometimes when we would just walk in the room, and one of the lamps or both would be on and would then turn off. He suggested it might be humidity and after many nights of being woken up from the lights turning on. I finally took the batteries out in frustration. Funny thing is that nothing seemed to ever happen with his larger lamp.

As time went on I began to notice that items in the house were missing. Sometimes I would look for them for days only two days later find them back exactly where they should be. Upon checking with my husband, he said he had nothing to do with this and thought I was being forgetful. Nothing moving seemed to occur whenever he was around, but as I was home all day long every day I saw it happening all the time when he was out of the house. Then late one night I was sitting on the couch watching TV while my husband was in bed. Something whispered in my ear. I could not make out any words, but I could feel my hairs moving on the side of my head. And I heard a whisper. After that I decided to put new batteries in those touch lights and try some different experiments.

I would keep them in different rooms. I made note of the weather for the days and so on. Nothing seemed to matter. They would turn on and off multiple times a day no matter what. I decided to talk to the spirit if there was one here (and yes I felt silly). I asked that it please not play with the lights at night while we are sleeping. I stated I had no problem with the lights being played with anytime that I am up, but while I am sleeping to please refrain from waking us. That actually seemed to work. It has only happened while we were sleeping now once in the last two months. But since that 'talk', I am noticing things picking up even more when I am home alone. I heard voices (not whispers) the other day and slight knocking. Every time these weird things happen I looked around for a cause, even looking around outside for something hitting the house from wind or someone outside talking or yelling. I never find anything. I am not worried about a ghost as I never feel threatened or afraid. It is more like I have someone trying to play little tricks and wanting to play with me. Not like a child, just like a fun-loving person with a sense of humor. I am slightly concerned though that perhaps with just a goofy set of lights somehow the rest is just developing in my mind and not really happening.

The only thing besides the lights that has been noticed by my husband is one night as he was lying in bed, and he thought a bird might have gotten into the house. He said he was hearing wings flapping and seeing the faint shadows of something going along the ceiling. He said he was probably just half asleep, and it was in his head, but it still made a big enough of an impression for him to mention it to me. So I wonder.

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