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  Last night at 10 pm there 4 large orbs hovering above Rice Street. Did anyone else see them? Date was 5 23 17 at 10 pm.
Submitted by Kathy

  Category: orbs

A few years ago we moved our family to a house on W. 10th Street in Sioux Falls. We started hearing noises from the basement almost right away, but the only things in the basement were long and heavy cast iron pipes. At first I thought that the cats were down there causing a ruckus, but there was no way that my cats could have caused those pipes to clang together!
The kids liked to stay up late and watch TV, but my son never wanted to be left sleeping on the couch, he would tell me that he did not like it when that old man watched him from the kitchen. According to my son the man would never come past the kitchen door, but he would just stand there and stare at him. I asked him to tell me what this man looked like. He told me that he had gray hair and bushy beard and was always wearing a red and blue flannel shirt with jeans and boots. I asked him if the man looked angry. He said no but he never smiled either. Not knowing what else to do I made sure that my son never was left to sleep on the couch any more.
Some days later I was upstairs on my bed watching TV when my sister called me. She asked what I was doing. I told her I was upstairs in my room. Then she asked ''who is that older man standing at the back door looking outside?'' I said there was no one else here except me. She then told me of an older gray haired man standing at the back door looking out. I asked her to describe him to me. She said he was an old man with gray hair and beard, wearing a red flannel shirt and suspenders. I told her then about my son and told her that he had described the same man to me. We wanted to know more about the man, so she asked the former owners great nephew who that was. In the mean time my husband was so skeptic about the stories. He had been hearing from all of us and did not want to believe in the super natural. Until one evening we were watching TV in the living room munching on snacks. He decided to get up and throw away some of the trash we had compiled. He walked into the kitchen and a few seconds later came back out with a very strange look on his face. He told me that some of the trash had fallen on the floor, and so he bent over to pick it up. As he stood back up he came face to face with the old man in the flannel shirt and suspenders. He was visibly shaken, and I was a little thrilled as he was no longer a skeptic.
A few weeks later my sister called me and told me that she had found out that the great uncle of our friend had died in that house some years back. The house had a few different owners since then. The uncle had a small shop in the basement, and he would spend many hours down there tinkering with things. She asked if he had any photos of him, and he was going to ask his family if they did. Not having a photo she asked what his uncle was like. She was told that he had gray hair and bushy beard. He loved to wear flannel shirts and always wore suspenders to keep his pants from falling to the ground. He was a kind and loving man that stayed in the kitchen mostly because his wife would not let him past the doors because he was always full of something from the shop.
After hearing this I felt that this man may not even know that he had passed. One night I went and sat on the steps to the basement and told him that even though we did not mind having him around that others were waiting for him. To make sure I was clear I told him that he was dead and that he needed to move on. After that night we never heard or saw him again.
  Submitted by anonymous

Comment by Debra: Hi I was curious about your home address at that time. I believe it was once my home as well. We too had a lot of experiences there! Yes, indeed conversations have been heard from the basement of two people woman and man. It seems they were talking mostly about debt it seemed? And there were also other entities as well.
Above the garage was a little apartment. There was another entity there all of her own. She was very active and protective. I really was uneasy up there alone, but we did EVP's and have pictures. My brother was pushed hard in the dining room, and he has since passed. I have pictures too. There is also a little boy maybe about 4-year-old spirit. He always would come by especially around the holidays making treats and such.
As I was baking, I could feel a little hand on my side. It was as if he was trying to get a better look. I said ''you want to see?'' I put a chair next to me, and then his little hand touched my forearm. The neighbor's home very close to ours duplexes always saw the little boy in their home. They also have pictures of shadow like child.


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