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Submitted by Carmen

       Categories: home, lights, road, cars

Magnolia bluff-- normally a beautiful place to go hiking or to take your dogs or horses to.. But at night and even sometimes during the day.. Not such a pretty place.. Magnolia bluff is said to be a place where Indians settled long long ago..That is all that I have heard of it so far.. I do know that there have been weddings out there.. And unfortunately people who have taken their lives as well.. I guess it's the beauty of the place that makes them want to do this? Anyhow..I am a medium.. So I can see things and feel things that most people cant.. But at this place I do know that some people should surely be able to feel it.. The presence of something dark.. And evil..I know this for a fact because one night when I was with my boyfriend and a few of my other friends.. We went out there to just star gaze and listen to tunes. We were not drinking nor doing any drugs of any sort..When suddenly I felt goose bumps all the way on the left side of my body.. Then suddenly I look to the left and what is there.. And none other then a black spirit a very dark spirit.. Right next to my window..I mean you could feel the anger right through the window.. And even I .. Who has dealt with bad spirits was literally shakin in my shoes.. Of course my friends could not see it.. Nor feel it.. They asked what was wrong..But apparently.. One of my friends not going to say his name so I will call him ''a'' .. He said.. ''hes here'' and I said who are you talking about .. He said it was a demon. He could feel it..Then all of the sudden.. I am not kidding you at all I would never lie about this.. But all the sudden my whole body went numb.. I also felt like someone was literally pulling the air out of my body..I stopped breathing.. I was trying to gasp for air. (with my body numb not being able to move) my friends were freaking out.. And this went on for a good hour or more.. Apparently I blacked out.. And I do not remember much more but my eyes turned red and I was talking in some odd language..I am telling you these spirits are very mean and they are not to be messed with.. Another time I went out there with my friends ( I know stupid me right) well keep in mind when I was younger spirits never really bothered me much..Anyhow.. Went out there with my bf my best friend and her guy.. And we were just sitting there.. I told them I needed to get a breath of fresh air.. Because I hadn't really felt anything at that moment..So then what happens.. Yeah I know.. You guessed it.. I walked out of the car.. To just admire the starry night.. And I look straight ahead.. Mainly my body pulled me that way.. And I see darkness..Like a human figure.. So I wonder.. Who else is here.. At first it felt like a kind spirit .. So I thought it was my friends dead grandmother wanting me to tell her something.. So I move closer and tears start falling down my eyes..I move even closer and then I start literrally feeling like I was dragging bricks on my feet.. It was terrible. Then I see a darker big spirit I mean it was night time but my bf had his headlights on and the stars were soo bright.And so was the moon. So I know what I saw.. Anyhow.. I walked closer and closer refusing to let the evil get to me.. I was carrying my bible and had my cross on. Then I just stop. Like someone was blocking me..And all the sudden I start gagging and choking.. And then I vomit.. I fall down. And my friend comes to me. And picks me up. My body was limp. So she gets me in the car. I am gasping for air.. And I start reciting the bible..One scripture about not fearing evil and for evil to banish.. Or go away.. And I stopped breathing more then once.. I am telling you .. If you want to be daring then go there at night.. Midnight is around the time most of it happens..But I am telling you.. The spirits at night are not friendly.. Almost deadly.. And some even during the day .. Not so good. There is my happenings at Magnolias bluff.. In beetween Albany and Evansville. .
Submitted by Angel

       Categories: dogs, horses, evil, spirits, medium


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