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I hate my basement, the only person that will go down there is the fix it guy but I tag along with him just in case. But here is my story. I live on Columbus Street, the house I live in was built from ground up mostly due to that it was a huge mess, missing floors etc.
That was renovated four years ago, I don't know the past on my house. I've tried searching with no luck, but like a week after I moved in I got the feeling of not being alone. I constantly felt like someone was watching me, my almost 2 year old would stare off into nowhere as would I, not knowing what I was looking for. There had been music, I'd hear like old records playing. I hear a man and or woman talking, and sometimes a baby crying which would sound like my son. But when I go check on him he would be sound asleep in his crib. I honestly think ever since I moved out of my moms house something has been following me. When I live on Custer Street while I was pregnant twice I saw my bf in the living room looking at me then would disappear. I would jump up to see if his van was there, and it wouldn't be. He leaves at 6 am for work and this was at 9 am. One photo a friend had was of me, and an orb was right by my left shoulder. I could write a book on every thing I've seen or heard but I will try and include a picture of a face that I took downstairs. I took multiple ones and plenty came up blurry or with a weird orange light in it, or a face, yes a face. I don't feel as if I am in danger, whatever is with me needs my help or is protecting us. I promised this spirit I'd do what I could to help it move on. I just don't know how. If you read this and think you can help me or know about things like this please email me asap or if you're a psychic I could really use the help to make sure I'm not crazy, and if it's real I've also somehow knew about a fire. I had asked my fix it guy he said the garage burned down due to a guy sniffing gasoline and burnt it down which I never even knew before that day. I had asked, it just popped out on whim. - Ghost picture submitted by Cassandra

Comment by Jstar2marz:
I don't think you are crazy I have experienced the same thing except it was a little more violent, contact me on youtube for details.

Comment by Beliver:
Try taps there rely good and will figure out if there something else going on.

Comment by Mary:
You are experiencing a haunting for sure . Manitowoc is a hotbed of activity for spirits. You are more in tune with the spirits than most people are since they have shown themselves to you. If you are frightened, show no fear because spirits will leave you alone then. They do feed off of fear. If you are uncomfortable, all you have to say is ''this is my home, and I am not afraid of you. You are not welcome here''.

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I took another picture of the pit fire, off to the right bottom of the fire you'll see a ghost head of a dog looks like a Doberman Pincher. That is a 2nd picture I took that has 2 ghosts the first one was a ghost head now the dog. - Ghost picture submitted by Greg

Comment by Mary:
Greg, campfires are notorious for seeing weird things when taking a picture. They can look like weird and odd things when filmed, but don't take that as a haunted picture.

Comment by Ghostbusters:
I don't see the ghosts anywhere. I've looked at the picture several times, and I can't see them.

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Here is a picture of a ghost head that I took sitting by the fire, upper right hand corner you'll see a ghost head. I took this picture last summer. - Ghost picture submitted by Greg

Comment by UFO:
It's a Native American male, a chief Manitowoc. Two Rivers have Native American burial grounds. Wisconsin is a hot spot for paranormal activity more, so due to the suffering of the natives any one would be angry if it was them that had everything including their lives taken from them just because someone thought they were better, and therefore more entitled to it all. Their burial grounds were destroyed and built on. That would make any spirit I know angry. I'd flip out and cause hell for the living. Give them respect. You don't respect them; they will not respect you. Give them their space, and they will give you your space, but it doesn't work with violent souls.

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