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Lenexa, Kansas

Lenexa, Kansas

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bull with horns and legs of a bull but arms and standing upright like a man. I saw it looking right at me, and I rushed it trying to get out of the room, I unlocked my door as fast as I could and ran out.
Submitted by J1

       Categories: legs, clock, basement, road, man

I live close to the ''martin city'' area in Kansas city just moved in in this house and after a few months I experienced a really bad case of sleep paralysis I've had to deal with them my whole life and I learned that you can fight ''them'' just by praying them away but this time the pressure I felt over my body was really strong, and was also visual this two lights shaped like eyes came down from nowhere so I put my hands up and prayed and I saw those eyes trying to push forward but they couldn't and it went back and disappeared.
    It came back on the same day during an afternoon nap and I felt him pushing my wrists down so I couldn't put my hands together to pray I used a prayer for the archangel Michael and this thing escaped.
If you experience sleep paralysis I advice to use those prayers it has been helping me for those things to even happen again.
Submitted by Anonimous

       Categories: home, lights, eyes

My house on leavenwoth Rd. Is haunted. I am not going to say which one for our privacy. I had 2 experiences that happened to me in the house. 1. It's early morning after I had finished my overtime shift at work I came home exausted I went staright to bed.I was still a high school student attending schlagle. I was supposed to be in school that early morning but I could not go on without any shut eye. So I decided to sleep for an hour or two and go to school in the afternon after lunch.My mother not knowing that I had worked overtime and had just gotten home, she saw that I was sleeping casue I was in the spare room in the basement and there was a window you can peer into. She came in and yelled on top of the stairs for me to wake up and go to school.I told in her in a bit that I'll be going after lunch. So she left. I laid on my side, back turned away from the door in bed trying to go back to sleep but I heard the door open figured it was my mom coming in to mess with me.I felt her rub my calf and I kicked my leg to signal her to stop. She did not she kept brushing her fingers up and down my leg to wake me up but did not say a word. So I turned around to my side to yell at her but I did not see anyone.I just brushed it off I was too tired to even think anything of it. Once again I tried to fall asleep. Again I felt something like a tickle on my foot and then it squeezed my calf really hard to where it left finger imprints on my calf then it pined me down squeezed my breast and choked me.I could not move or breath. I could see that something was on top of me cause the bed on my sides where pushed down like they were on their knees. It felt like eternity that the thing was on top of me.I prayed to god that if he was there for him to help me and finally that thing left. I ran upstair crying to my mom and that was it. 2. This happened in broad daylight. After I made lunch for my family I had called my dad to have lunch.I went calling for him all over the house but still no sign of him. I walked to the living room and saw my dad walked into the kitchen. I walked through the diningroom followed him through the kitchen to the basement door calling him.Before I walked up to the basement door I can hear him walking down the stairs (its an old house and so when you walk anywhere in the house it creeks). As I looked down the stairs I can see feet he walked left by the wall of the water heater which was hidden behind a wall to separate it from the garage and laundry room.I kept calling for him but he did not answer me. My dad is partially deaf so I thought he just did not hear me calling for him. So as I walkked all the way down to the bottom of the stairs I had an eerie feeling that something was wrong.I walked to the laudry room and my dad was facing the corner of the room (like a child sent to the corner for being bad). I walked up closer and said to him ''dad I have been calling for you how come you did not answer me''.As I walked closer I realized that, that thing was floating in mid air it had no feet or legs. All I saw was the back of that things head to it's knee and no legs to the feet. I ran upstairs as fast as I could and my dad was standing in the kitchen grabing plates and silverware out of the cabinets to set up the table for lunch.3. This happened to my mom. She was asleep downstairs in the basement (There is a spare room down there) she had woken up to someone calling her. She opened her eyes and saw that my sister Jane was in the room with her.My mom saw Jane walked into the bathroom. My mother called out to Jane but Jane did not answer her. My mom waited for Jane to come out after about 5min and Jane did not come out so mom had gone upstairs to use the bathroom.When mom walked into the livngroom Jane was sitting on the couch watching TV. 4. Every night my mother would hear someone entering the front door. The screen door is loud and squeeky when you open it.My mother would tell me that it'll happen right at 3 am every night for about 2 months. She said that when she heard it the first time she thought it was my sisters coming back home from an evening out with friends.She went in the living room to check but all the lights were off and no one was there. The second night the same thing happned. She walked out to investigate but again it was no one. She walked into all the rooms and all my sisters were sound asleep.There are more events that happened in the house it's been too long to remember cause I am no longer living there, but my mom and two sisters still live there along with her boyfriend. My mother had a priest blessed the house and since then nothing has happened yet.This was the 6th time my mother had him come bless the house. My sisters tell me that the house feels more lighter now like you can breath better unlike before it felt stuffy, crowded, irritable, like an uneasy feeling not being welcomed to your own house.This house brought a lot of bad luck to us. We moved into that house as a big family together (11 people) and since then my brother divorced his wife my dad divorced my mom. Had a lot of financial problems with everything.Bad car accidents anything you name it. Now there are only 4 people living in that house. .
Submitted by Anonymous


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