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Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas
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We had a home built outside of Amarillo, Texas. It turned out beautiful. That first year was heaven. I had never been so happy in my life. Around the second year all hell seemed to break loose. I was sleeping one night. I suddenly awoke around 3:00 am. I could not see anything, but on the fear scale of one to ten, I was at twenty. I absolutely knew something extremely evil was in the doorway to my bedroom. I could clearly feel the hatred it had for me. It was more hatred than I have the words to describe. I knew it was pressing in against a force that was trying to hold it out. I began to pray. As I prayed it seemed to offend the entity, and its hatred intensified. It was pressing even harder to reach me. By now it was standing near the foot of my bed. I could not see it, but I could have drawn an X on the floor where it stood. Since my husband was working nights I decided I would just reach over and grab the phone and give him a call. Before I could move the entity sent a message across my mind saying that if I reached for the phone it would go for me. I was just frozen, unable to move due to fear. After about twenty minutes of trying everything I had ever heard of or seen in the movies to stop it, I finally called out to god begging him to please help me. Instantly as I desperately prayed to god for his help, all the fear disappeared. All the fear was gone. The entity was gone. If I could have imaged all that fear away by myself, I would have done it a whole lot sooner. But I had been so scared I could not even move to pick up the phone.

As the days passed I would hear footsteps above me on the second floor pacing back and forth in my daughter's room. Night after night the walking would go back and forth as it paced on and on. She was our littlest daughter. The pacing never woke her up. Her older sister was in the bedroom next to her. Her experiences were worse than for anyone else. She began having what she called the ''dot people'' flying around her room. In grade school they had studied how some artists would draw pictures in ink by just using lots of dots. These entities were lots of dots that took form as spirits that flew in and out of her room. They would circle around the ceiling above her. Next came the nights the black entity would appear in her bedroom doorway. It was a human like form of something wearing a black hooded robe. There were no facial features except for the eyes. She said it was as though it was hollow inside except for a red glowing fire that was visible in its eyes. I told her to start putting her bible under her pillow. On the nights she had the bible under her pillow she was spared the terror and torment. However, if she forgot to put it there, the nightly terror would come.
I had not shared any of my experiences with her. Neither of us had said anything specific to my husband. I was afraid I would sound foolish, and I preferred not to talk about any of these things with him. I told him we had had some scary nights and that our oldest was pretty shaken up. He did not ask for details, and I did not offer any. Finally it was his turn to go to daylights on his job. I was so glad he would be home at night. He had been home several nights when he volunteered what had happened to him the preceding night. He had awakened during the night. There in the doorway stood a black hooded figure staring at him. Behind it was a white spirit that was just floating up and down behind the black figure. God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus must have been with him because he just sat up and with the utmost confidence he told it ''who do you think you are scaring!! Go on; get out of here. '' He said the white spirit just rose and disappeared, but the black figure just stood there glaring. He said he just rolled over with his back to it and went sound asleep.

The next morning was a different story, however. He was quite shaken up about what had happened. The black figure he described to me was exactly what our daughter had described to me. Even though my daughter and I had told him nothing about this entity, he saw exactly what was scaring her. I then shared with him everything that had been going on at the house. The black figure had a way of waking you up somewhere between 3:00 am and 3:15 am. One night we heard our daughter scream. She told us she awakened and heard someone walking up the stairs. Her bedroom doorway was facing the side of the stairwell. She could easily see anyone coming up the stairs. She said she saw the black figure walking up the stairway. With just its head and shoulders visible it slowly turned its head and stood staring at her with its red eyes from the stairway.

Other things continued to happen. The bible says wherever sin abounds the grace of god abounds more so. That was exactly what happened. When we moved there what we knew about the demonic would hardly fill a thimble. By the time we moved the lord has given us a thorough knowledge in this area. It is amazing what is in the bible about this area of our lives. The last night it was there, I woke up wide awake. I knew it was there. I somehow knew it was leaving. I believe god was sending it away. I felt it approach me. It reached over and put its arms around me and began to lift me up. My body began to rise up from the bed. I sensed it wanted to scare me one last time before it left. I immediately launched into speed prayer. It stopped, lowered me softly back to the bed and left.
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