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This picture was taken in Baytown, Texas at an abandoned hospital whic...

I used to live on Oak St. in Baytown, TX. for quite a few years. We ha...


This photo was captured back in 1994. In the Craigmont subdivision. Th...

In my house today : me and one of my sister and I saw the backpack dro...

I live in Baytown, Texas and one day I was getting ready for bed when ...
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  One time when I was 5 I was in the kitchen and my sister was in her room. We were alone but my house is pretty small. I was sitting on the table when out of nowhere I see a shadow run from my restroom to my mom's room.
I went crying to my sister and told her everything. She checked the whole house but there was nothing. Of course since I was little I wanted to faint.
Submitted by Lea

           Category: restroom

I used to pipeline a lot, so I had to travel and when I came back into town I would stay at my half sister's home when in town. Well, the house is located on Mayron Street off of 146 north. Well, I was in town one night sober (no drink or drugs) and on the computer talking to people I had met in my travels through Yahoo Messenger. I was sitting at the computer desk. It was around 2 am, and I felt someone was looking at me. I figured it was my nephew thinking uncle Robert was home -- so stay up late and drink sodas and eat candy.

Well, I turned to where the hall way met the living room for that was where I was at, and this all happened fast like under 4 seconds. I felt anger but not coming from me but directed at me. There at the end of aforementioned hallway was a black mass swirling angrily. It stopped and then jumped right at me! Needless to say, I jumped up and was like ''what the hell was that??!!!'' Then all feelings I felt of anger disappeared. Now I am not given to flights of fantasy perhaps illusions of grandeur but realistic for the most part. I had never had such an experience in my life, so the next day I asked about the history of the house, and I was told that my sister and brother in-law had bought it cheap from an old man and a woman who after it was sold took off to live in Florida.

The story I got was this that the old man was married to another lady who had a long term illness, and her sister moved in. Then soon afterwards the sick lady died and the sister and the old man hooked up and took off! Yeah, I know I was like ''did they hurry her passing? Or what?'' Well, many times one could sit on the couch and see down that hallway and see something waking back and forth at end of the hall out of the corner of your eye. When you turned to look it would not be there! So was the place haunted? I think it was, and after my sister's divorce I never did go back, but I think it would be a great place to be investigated for a haunting.
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