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Trying to investigate the place or area. If you will allow us to or if anyone who sees this post has a case local to Killeen, please email. Reg1617 @gmail. com. - Ghost picture submitted by Regular


I moved into this house over the summer and I started noticing strange activity in the home. I have some abilities and every time I move into a home something happens. But this time it was different. It started with the simple moving objects, and then I started hearing walking above the ceiling. I went into the attic and nothing was up there. The walking lasted a few weeks off an on and then I started noticing moving of my things in my house. I have and my kids have heard whistling coming throughout the home and sometimes I heard them coming from the side of my window. Well I sometimes feel I get this feeling someone's in the room. But then one day me, my friend, and my sister, and son was on the porch during the day outside in the back and I caught a glimpse of a confederate soldier just walking behind the gate. In seconds he was gone, it was the first time in my life that I saw a human like ghost. Well it didn't freak me out a whole lot, just made me more curious. Several months later I decided to go outside with my camera and take pictures and I caught what looks like a dog and a soldier with his arm out, like either he's pulling something and then in the corner of the picture you can also so a big cross towards the left of the picture in the corner of the fence and also another face. But can't get the grasp of what it is. Also my dogs have started barking in the home and staring down the hallway, I just would like to know the history of lake Belton, being that I live right behind the lake. Also it just seems like they're trying to get our attention. Just don't know what but that's my story and if anyone has any history if you could please let me know. And the ghost I saw, I'm trying to find pictures of the war to see who he was that I saw. - Ghost picture submitted by Stacey

Comment by Javy:
Hi, I am trying to look for ghosts in Belton, me and some friends just for fun, if you could text me 2542450229.

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