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Garland, Texas

Garland, Texas

Garland, Texas

Garland, Texas

Frisco, Texas

Frisco, Texas
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Comment by Lulu: I would like to know to how you find what used to be there before.

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This happened in 1981 and 1982 in Garland over off of Garland Road in the North Garland area. My little brother and I were living with my father and stepmother. Before my dad bought the house, it was an eyesore! So, of course, he had plans to fix it up! Well, first off, the front yard of this house was scary looking in itself. The grass covering the whole yard was dead. The trees in the yard were all dead, and this is strange because no one else on our street had anything close to this! Naturally, even you believers may say that maybe the previous tenants were not all that into yard work. My father was a very talented repairman. He enjoyed this as a life-long hobby. My stepmom started telling him what all she wanted done, redone, or undone to the house.

The first incident that I recall happened one late night. I was in bed not feeling well, and by now it had turned cold outside. My brother's bedroom and mine were directly across the end of the hall from one another. I could look up and see him in his bed. To make a long story short, (hopefully) my brother was reading a book. His bedside lamp was still on. In other words the kid was not asleep! I was still awake, but my lights were off. I was trying to get to sleep. All of a sudden, my brother began to scream at the top of his lungs. At that point I sat straight up to look across the hall and checked out what was going on. He started yelling ''Anastasia's outside! She's outside''. He told me to let her in. All the while he was running to my dad's room. The next few minutes later my dad tried to put him back in bed telling him that he had fallen asleep and had just had a bad dream.
After my dad had gone back to his room, I still watched across the hall to see what happened. My dad, while he was in my brother's room, had been trying to tell him that I was actually in bed asleep and was not feeling well. I saw my brother take the book he had been reading and begin putting it up to his face like he was hiding behind it. He had two small windows in his room directly opposite his bed. I could tell he was still trying not to see whatever it was that had spooked him so badly. The next day we were up and were getting ready for school when I asked him what happened the night before. He told me that he had heard me at his bedroom window begging him to go open the front door to let me in and that I was cold. He said that he looked over at my room but could not see anything because my lights were off. When he turned back he saw me in a light blue gown (that I never owned, nor wore) with a light mist around me. He saw me floating in one of his windows. That was when he screamed, jumped out of bed, and went to get my dad. He told me that he was trying to pull my dad to the front door to open it saying ''she's cold! We've gotta let her in!'' That was when my dad took him back to the room. Then he continued to tell me that I was still there, but instead of walking from window to window, I was actually floating from one to the next, still asking him to let me in. Now let me remind you, I saw my brother awake and reading a book right before this all happened! I know he did not have a bad dream.

We all soon found out my stepmother was pregnant. Well, we bought the house as a three-bedroom. My father decided to add a room off of the garage and make that one my brother's while they moved me into the room where my brother saw the see-through figure in his windows. They made the nursery across the hall where I had previously slept. I did not really give much thought to what had happened to my brother in that room. Do not ask me why, it just really did not bother me. By now my dad has done some pretty major remodeling in the house, and it started to look a lot nicer. Now I was in the room where my brother had his experience. He was out in a new room off of the garage which was in the back of the house. Anyway I was getting settled in my ''new'' room. There were two small closets on the same wall separated by about three feet or so. The one on the left I made my ''clothes'' closet, and the one on the right I was going to make my ''toys'' closet. I got through putting my clothes up in the left closet, so I gathered all my toys to put in the closet on the right. When I opened the ''toy'' closet, I immediately felt how cold it was in there. Now I was a child at that time and I knew nothing about signs of a paranormal experience. However, I do remember how uneasy I felt every time I opened my ''toy'' closet. It was always freezing cold. I could feel a very sad feeling in there.

Time went on, and I was settled in. My room was all fixed up. I had my bed up against the wall where the windows were up in between the two. To my left was my shelf where my TV and stereo sat. Opposite of me was my dresser/drawer set, and to the right of me the closets. Life continued with little mishaps in the house, for instance, the bathroom at my end of the house always needed repairs. The toilet would over flow. The shower would not work. Sink faucets would act up. Like I said, my dad was a very capable handy man. He would go in and fix everything. Then that same day everything would mess up again. I could not count how many times after that he had given up, caved in, and called a plumber. Every time a plumber came out, he would insist there was nothing wrong with the plumbing. My dad just wrote it off as an incompetent service man who was lazy and wanted to make a quick buck. But we had a few different plumbers all say the same thing, ''nothing is wrong. ''

My brother and I were latch-key kids. In the morning we got ourselves ready for school. In the afternoon we came home after school to do our homework. We did our chores and waited for our dad and stepmom to come home. I remember this one time; we were watching cartoons in the living room, where my dad and stepmom's room was over off the far corner on the right. I looked over at their doorway to see a dark solid mass shaped just like a person! It looked like a shadow of someone. We did not know what to do! So we called the police! The police got there and asked us where our parents were. We told them they were at work, so the police searched the house and called my dad at work. We were grounded for calling the cops. My dad was tired of putting up with our ''stories'' we keep telling him about the house. So, the environment in the house started to feel like it was me and my brother against my dad and stepmom. It was as like we were all starting to resent one another.

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