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       Category: lady

We moved into a house in Overton about 3 years ago, it was on the corner of Helen and Brandon St. I did not notice anything weird about the house until I came home from school one day and I had forgotten my key so I was outside waiting for my mom.I was in band at the time so I was practicing my trumpet, I started singing a song while I was sitting on the front porch and it had sounded like a little girl was copying what I was saying. Then I heard screams and they sounded like they were coming from under the front of the house.It had always felt like someone was watching over you while you were in the living room. Sometimes when you'd walk into the kitchen you could see smoke but no one had been there smoking or cooking anything, my mom had said she'd smelled smoke before when she was alone.We constantly went through light bulbs, the channels would flip by themselves, the volume would go all the way up and you could not turn it down. And while you were typing on the computer the keys would get stuck.My little brother and sister claimed that they had seen a woman and a man, coming out of the vents in the ceiling. They had seen the doors move. My uncle and my step father used to mess around and knock on the wall because the rooms were beside each other but there were some nights where they'd hear it and no one would be on the other side.I had seen a ghost in my moms room once, I quickly shut the door. Our former dog Chico would bark at nothing. And always went under the house and did not want to come out. And one morning my mom and step dad woke up and he was dead.Our whole family had fallen apart and became angry and depressed with each other. When people would come to stay the night they said they felt things in my room, one night when I had gotten grounded I went to my room and I was laying in bed with the lights off when I heard whispering, I could not make out what the voice was trying to say.My door was very hard to shut because it was the only room in the house that had carpet so the door was close to the ground making it hard to shut the door, and there were a few times where the door would shut or open by itself.I had gotten a computer from my dad and I was excited to put it in my room, I woke up in the middle of the night a few days after putting the computer in my room and I heard what sounded like someone typing on the keyboard, but no one was there.When we would leave the house my mom would always make us check the lights to make sure they were off and make sure the doors were locked, we came home one night and saw that the lights were on in my moms bedroom and we thought someone was home but when we got inside no one was there.One morning after dropping us off at school my mom came home and put the key in the door knob and she could not get the door to open. It felt like someone had bolted it from the inside, or was holding it shut.Or had locked the padlock. She freaked out so much that she called the cops thinking that someone was in our house, maybe robbing us or something, and the cops were going through the window in my room when she was able to open the door with the same key she was using, but when the cops tried, they could not get it open…that's when we were all desperate to get out of the house. And our stories came together.
Submitted by Bree

       Categories: home, man, lady, girls, school

I have lived in Overton my whole life, and the only house I can think of that is haunted is the one I lived in, 5 houses down from the school. I was cleaning my room one day and my fan flew across the room almost hitting my best friend and I.And about a week after we had moved in I saw the shape of a man jump into the attic. Also one of my stuffed animals flew across my room. And another time, I was sitting in a toy box, and I went to the kitchen, and my mom and I heard a big bang noise, she asked if I was okay and I said yeah, so we went in my room and my dresser was tilted where nothing was holding it up, and my television had fallen right where I was sitting.Strange I think. And one night me and my sister and some friends were in my mothers office and someone / thing was talking to us and we heard foot steps. It sounded like my aunt but she had left a long time ago.She asked my mom if she was awake and then said girls, is that you, and then it faded away. Also me and my cousin stormy heard church Bells going off in the house. And we had an old clock, it said London fog.And there were no batteries and no way for it to work but the hands still moved. And when they got to twelve they would start spinning around. Till one day the hands went missing. Mom thought I took them, when indeed I did not.About two weeks or so later, the clock went missing. Years later the hands appeared and the clock is still yet to be seen. Things have been moved too weird places, and once I had a dream where my mom had came out of the attic bleeding, so when I woke up I told her not to got in the attic and I made her promise me she would not.Later that day when I cam home from school she had three holes in here knee, I asked her what happened and she replied ''i went in the attic. '' which is where I had said not to go. These other stories sound completely bogus, and if this story is seeming the same way I am terribly sorry.But it is true. You do not have to believe me, but if you live in that house, you will know. It's right beside the preachers house and a house that was built in the 1800's. The house itself was built in 1931.
Submitted by Molli

       Categories: home, man, sounds, girls, school


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