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I was out on Bragg Road about 2-3 weeks ago at night. We saw the light. It would get bright then dim. It was crazy. It stayed behind us the whole way. It was just a single light, and then it all of a sudden got close and bright as hell. My daughter was screaming. I don't care what anyone says it was not another vehicle or motorcycle. I'm in my 40s; I know what headlights look like at night. Scariest night of my life. I want to go out there during the day to just look around. I will never go at night again. I live about 35-40 minutes from Bragg Road in Lumberton, Texas. - Ghost picture submitted by Michelle

Comment by Observer:
So who was brave enough to be outside the car with the camera?.

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This is the scariest road I have ever traveled and even makes me uncomfortable during the day. The lights are there you just have to go there to see them. There is an unmarked grave yard on this road where some Mexican guys were buried years ago.
There is a marker showing that the grave site is near but I have never traipsed through the woods trying to find it. As a side note this is a picture that my camera snapped on it's on when I was walking ghost road.
I got out of my truck (to see if I could see the graves from the road) and laid my camera on the hood and I found this nice picture of myself when I uploaded the images later at home. Maybe I hit the auto take thing by mistake.

(it requires several adjustments however to do that) it still freaked me out because it had never happened before nor since! And the trees in the photo seemed to be leaning in on me. - Ghost picture submitted by Zeke

Comment by Britney:
Well I know for a fact that road is haunted because I saw it with my own eyes. One night when I was younger my boyfriend who now is my husband his cousin and myself went to see this light. We pulled into a pipeline turn around after going all the way down and about the middle got out and were seeing lights from the highway through the woods. We all said that's what everyone is seeing as we were laughing about de-bunking this Saratoga light, and getting in the truck I said look and down the road was this light that traveled fast enough that we realized very quickly it wasn't being held by anything and wasn't of this earth. The guys immediately freaked out and stomped on the gas before it could reach us.
I have been back with friends but haven't seen it. But that night we saw it and it almost made it to us!.

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The ''Light of Saratoga'' is a legend located in the Big Thicket of southeast Texas. This legend of a mysterious light is also known as the ''Ghost Road'' of Saratoga, the ''Saratoga light'', and ''Bragg Road Ghost Light'' by local residents.
Located on a dirt road, it is a light that may appear and disappear at random during the dark of night without explanation. The strange light is often described as changing from yellow to white, and sometimes appearing red as it may approach the observer.
Some witnesses have observed that the light will sway back-and-forth, as if someone were carrying a lantern and walking. Another common attribute given to the strange light is it's unpredictable nature.

Some eyewitnesses have attempted to follow or approach the light with no success. However, there are some that claim that the light has actually followed or entered their vehicle while traveling the dirt road at night.
There are different beliefs as far as what the ghostly light could be, such as swamp gas and similar natural occurrences. The most popular story surrounding this legend is that a railroad worker was decapitated in a railway accident, and the light is that of his lantern as his ghost searches endlessly for his head. (1). - Ghost picture submitted by Stephen

Comment by Sharon:
I have been to Bragg Rd. 6 times. I saw the light 3 out of 6 times. Once as a swinging yellow lantern as if someone were carrying it. Once as small blue and red lights. The 3rd and best time with my two grandsons.
The light took it's time moving down the ditch of Bragg Rd. Towards us as a dim sometimes foggy round white light. It got next to us in the ditch (we were standing in front of my car on the road. ) it sort of jumped out the ditch to the road about 10 ft.
In front of us. The light turned the brightest white light. It was so bright it almost hurt yours to look at it with blue around the edges. This is going to sound silly but I told it we were friendly and didn't want to hurt it and if it understood me to flash me back three times after I flashed my flashlight at it 3 times at it.

I flashed times the light blinked three times. I flashed 2 times the light blinked two times. I approached the light to touch it and it moved away a few feet brightened up more. I tried to walk around the light but it wouldn't let me touch it.
It sort of moved around a little as if it were watching us then shot up in the air a little way and shot down the road disappeared. I don't think the light is bad just playful. My experience park your car and turn your lights off and sit quietly and wait.
You will more like see it. Less traffic the better.

Comment by Heather:
Me and my family went and walked down that road at night and the light started chasing us back to are van and there was a fog too that surrounded us out of nowhere.

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