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  At my apartment I woke up to find a little boy standing at the end of my bed. I thought it was my son, so I got up. When I walked toward him he ran into the closet. I went to get him, and no one was there. Then my box fan fell over. Got my son and girlfriend out of there. We live in apartments in NW Waco.
Submitted by Trvand

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In the summer of 1954 I went on a weekend camp out with a Boy Scout troop in Cameron Park on the Brazos River in Waco, Texas. We set up our tents near the bank of the river which was quite high above the water. We arrived late in the afternoon, so we all hustled to get the camp all set up. We gathered some firewood and got a campfire started. There were about half dozen tents in our troop and probably three or four other troops set up within shouting distance of us. Soon it got dark. We cooked our evening meal on the campfire. Then we all sat around the fire talking and telling stories - ghost stories probably. The fire began to die down after a while as we began to run out of firewood. So off we all went in different directions to find loose dead wood on the ground to stoke our fire. Some of the boys climbed down the river bank toward the water and some went up and down the banks each way high above the water. Me... I noticed a big old dead tree about 25 -30 feet tall with low hanging limbs shining in the moonlight about a hundred yards in front of our camp. So I headed off toward the tree figuring it would be easy to break off some of the low hanging branches. I was comfortable with this lonely task because I could see several campfires around and could hear muffled voices and laughter from the distant fires.

The moon was out, and it was not too dark. I kept my eye on the tree as I continued the long walk from our tent to the tree way out in the middle of the park. Suddenly as I was about half way there I thought I saw the tree move. I felt a chill go down my spine, so I looked down at the ground for a few steps before I ventured to look up again at the old tree. This time when I looked at the tree my blood ran ice cold as I distinctly saw it moving toward me at an incredibly fast pace though smoothly as if looking through a zooming lens! I did a fast 180 and ran back to the tent faster than I could normally go! Several of the scouts were now sitting around the campfire having come back from their search for stray limbs. Out of breath I said nothing as I joined them making sure my eyes were averted from that tree. Soon one of the guys noticed that I was empty handed and asked if I had found any wood. I sucked in a deep breath and told them that I had found too much wood to carry and that I needed some help bringing it back. They said OK and asked me where it was. I reluctantly sneaked a peek at the tree way off in the distance then pointed at the old tree now back in its original place. They all said ''yeah, looks like we can get all the wood we need off that tree. '' Then they headed off in that direction with me bringing up the rear. Then about half way to our destination I heard one of the boys say ''hey did you see that tree move? '' Just as we all looked up it happened again. I heard all the boys yell and holler ''it's coming at us fast. '' Boy was it zooming at us! I was the first one to the tent with the rest of them right on my heels.

We nervously discussed what we had just witnessed then I related what I had seen a few minutes earlier. We decided it was time to turn in after we made sure the tent was tied shut real well. Heck with the fire. We let it go out! The next morning there was no sign of a tree anywhere near the area where we saw that dead old ''ghost tree'' the night before.
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