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Very spooky dark shadows. Are they some type of spirits or ghosts?....
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  I was born and raised in Bakersfield. These are few strange things I've witnessed.

When we were around 11 or 12, me and my best friend would talk on the phone for hours every day. For a while whenever I would call her different people would speak on the phone with us. There were multiple people, and they all had different names and personalities, but all of them claimed to be dead. My friend was an eleven-year-old little girl, and these were often full grown men's voices, so it couldn't have been her talking. At first we thought it had to be one of us pranking the other, and thought it was funny. Once we discovered neither of us were making the voices, we started to realize how strange it was,
    and they stopped talking.

I often stayed the night with her at her apartment in the Quailwood area of Stockdale. At night when we'd turn the lights off to go to bed, we would always see a tall black figure looming in the far corner of the room. There was nothing there to cast a shadow like that. At night the dark always had this thick static
like texture to it. One time there was this dense mass of static collected in one particular spot in the middle of her kitchen. I stuck my hand in it, and my entire arm went numb.

At the far end of Quailwood Park, there's a large tree with a fork in the middle. At night there always seems to be a black figure peeking out from behind the tree and moving around. When we approach it, it vanishes. We've never seen anything there that could cast a shadow. Typically we don't get a bad feeling from the figure, but sometimes it feels almost malicious. At those times the air around that part of the park feels different, almost colder.

One time I was taking a night walk with another friend
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I was having a barbeque with some friends of mine right here in my backyard here in Bakersfield, CA this summer. A friend of mine suddenly said ''hey ...

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