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  Me and my brother have always had problems with our house. Even when we were at Fort Irwin as little kids. I've always had problems like that. And moving here I thought there would be a change. But when I was younger there were times where I would see a shadow move quickly down the stairs.
Also times where there would be light knocking on my door and I would think it's my mom and be in mind, and my mother were the only ones home at the time . There were times my closet door would open slowly .
Nothing really happened to my brother but he did see the same shadow I did every night. Now when we moved back when we were older things were worse. We lived near our old house. I started getting problems

My stuff in my desk would get moved. I would leave my room and come back with my closet open door open, the attic room door open all at once. It creeped me out a lot but I ignored it. There was once I left to take a shower and I went in my room and all my drawers were opened and my closet door was open and my clothes were scattered everywhere.
was too freaked so I left the house. That night I started hearing things whisper in my ear so I put earphones in. A couple of minutes after my leg got tugged really hard on and I rushed to turn on the light I noticed a light hand mark.
I told my ex girlfriend about it so she stayed with me for a night. While we were sleeping something started choking her. I shook her awake but she had no idea what had happened. Little things happened every night some big.

Now my brother always hears scratching on his closet door. There was one night where he heard something down stairs so he went to check. Nothing was down there so he ran back upstairs and went in his room.
He told me when he was laying
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I'm glad my wife and I were not the only ones. I was on active duty 1993-1996 with 2/11 ACR OPFOR Infantry. After basic my wife and I went straight to...

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