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Ghost photos from Fresno

In this picture if you look closely, my son is in the center of the pi...

I also have one of him in the back window of my car while I was at the...

And here is the same picture zoomed in all the way to his face....

Here is the same picture zoomed in to see him better....

I live in the tower, sometimes when I am watering my yard at night I g...



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  I don't know if it's the places I live in are haunted or if something is following me, but I have had quite a few experiences. I was living in a house right next to the old Sunny Side Drive-in, and we would experience all sorts of odd things going on. Constantly would hear the sound of kids running through the house, like they were running on hard wood floors (there was carpet at the time. ) It was very strange. My bedroom door would open slightly then close. You would hear running; then the bathroom door would open slightly then close. It was never a set time. It would happen both in the day time and at night. I would sit on my bed, and my radio would be on across the room, and suddenly it
    would start to change channels. It was an old radio, so you had to physically turn the knob. I would sit on the bed and watch the dial go from one side to the other.

I would often have things come up missing only to find them in places that there would be no reason for them to be. My house keys went missing only to find them hanging out of the
opening to the attic. My step-father's wallet went missing only to be found under the middle of their mattress. When I was 17 we moved to an apartment across the street from McLane High School, and strange things started happening there as well, but not the same kinds of things. We would have the TV suddenly come on and change the channel to a kid's program. I figured it was just a power surge and wrote it off, until one time it happened, and I happened to say off hand ''I really don't feel like watching the Disney channel right now,'' and it switched back to the program I was watching.

If my mother and I argued, light bulbs would shatter in their holders. After I graduated from HS and
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This happened in the early 1990s in Fresno, California. I donít remember the exact time but it was between 1992 to 1994. My roommates and I were out o...

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