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I went outside to let my dog go to the bathroom then I saw odd orbs in...
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  Well it started like this. I move into this apartment in Hanford, CA. It looks very old, and when I started moving I felt like something was going on. I felt like something is going to happen when we moved in. Well, we were done moving in. I was sitting in the couch in the living room. I saw a man standing in the hallway. I started to freak out. When I fell asleep I heard footsteps in the hallway, and we heard dishes falling down. We went to check and saw
    a black figure on the side of the bed. If anybody knows, please write me back.
Submitted by Jamilee

       Categories: footsteps, man

The summer after my freshman year in college (I was nineteen) my parents asked me to live in the house that had belonged to my grandparents, both of whom died in the home. This house was on Courtner Street. They wanted someone on the premises to make sure the home was secure and to help them keep it organized as they began sorting through my grandparents' belongings. I said yes, thinking it would be a taste of freedom. I had been to the house many times, staying with my grandma, doing art projects, and cooking food. The home never felt ''bad'', even though some of my friends said that they ''saw an old man'' while visiting me. I just assumed it was an imprint of my grandpa who had lived in the house for fifty years, or something, because the home always felt ''homey. '' But from the moment I moved in, there was an almost oppressive feeling. I thought at first that I was just grieving the loss of my grandma, but then things began to happen.

One by one, every appliance (including plumbing fixture and telephone) began to malfunction in ways that baffled the repair people I was constantly calling. The light fixture above the table swung continuously. The television turned itself on and off. Black sewage spewed out of the sink and tub. You name it, it happened, even to the point of the landline phone refusing to function. It crackled, and you could hear something like voices trying to talk, but no dial tone. I traded handsets, but it still would not work. The repair man, who inspected the phone line for the house, and then the whole neighborhood, told me he had no idea why it would not work, and said that I should consider getting a cell. Even that would not work in the house, but step out the door and magically it was fine. I began to feel increasingly hounded and isolated. Every time I would buy food, the fridge (brand new) would break down and the food would rot. Objects would go missing only to turn up right where I had already looked, as if placed there to insult me. My computer monitor shorted out so that I could not use it to study or write. Even the shower and clothes washers began to spew sewage, in spite of the fact that the plumbers had stuck cameras all the way down the entire main. None of these things had ever happened while my grandmother was alive.
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