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Merced, California Ghost Pictures

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We bought our home in 2002 on 14th Street. When I moved here right away I started seeing a young girl. She was always going from my hallway and running into my daughter's room. I first thought it was one of my girls, but when I went to the room to see there was no one there. I then went to my room where all my girls were on my bed asleep. I told no one. Later a few other family members have seen her. Voices can be heard calling your name when you know you're alone. Sometimes even from another room thinking someone called you, you go to see what they want, and everyone looks at you like ''OK your hearing things,'' until they hear it too.

Our front door sometimes sounds like someone is coming in when I know the screen is locked. I see the handle moving, but the door and the screen are locked, and no one is at the door. Many have seen this also. I have even taken a picture in my yard one night, and clearly you can see a girl's face in the left side of the picture. It's half a face. She looks as if she is smiling. Then you can see a girl's head in between my palm trees which are high up and a few others but not sure what they are. - Ghost picture submitted by Christinacc1974

Comment by Will:
Everything about this is creepy!!.

       Categories: yard, face, family, voices, girls

In 2007 I almost lost my life when someone tried to kill me. From time to time I would hear voices asking questions, as if hundreds of people at once. My husband thought it was my head injury. Then the black shadows kind of like ink dropped in water just hanging around. Recently my dog barks and growls at nothing, but when I take a picture blue lights appear. When it's enlarged you can clearly see a man. . - Ghost picture submitted by AJ

       Categories: voices, man

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