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Montclair, California

Montclair, California

Montclair, California

Montclair, California

Montclair, California

Montclair, California
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It is really bizarre to find out that Montclair is known as haunted, because when we lived there we started to worry that we were somehow attracting the entity that bothered us in our house. We had never heard from other people in Montclair who had a haunted house, but most of our friends lived in neighboring communities. So, we felt kind of isolated or like we were the only ones. We've always wondered if the people who moved into the house after were bothered by ghosts so I googled ''Montclair haunted house'' and it brought me here.

My partner bought this house around 1980. It was a typical stucco one-story in the 9400 block of Vernon Avenue, just north of Palo Verde. It did not look like a house that would be haunted. The first night I spent in that house I had a dream about a malevolent green-colored female entity that ''lived'' in the backyard and was associated with a fruitless mulberry that used to be in the backyard. I told my partner, (who had roommates) and he said that the roommates had complained of one or two of the bedrooms having a creepy feeling like there was a presence in them. Slowly I started to pick up on this creepy feeling, especially when alone in the house. The thing was that I never felt quite alone. The closest thing to describe was that someone was lurking outside and looking in through one of the windows from the backyard at you, with a malevolent intent. It was not a nice feeling. It felt like it knew when you were alone and more vulnerable.
This event happened after I had lived in the house for several years. One night I was in bed, and I had not quite fallen asleep. My partner was next to me in the bed. I saw a dark figure at the foot of the bed. It was less a figure than it was a complete shadow or absence of light -- like a vacuum. It was shaped like a hooded figure. What was most striking was the intensity with which I felt its presence. It felt like a psychic attack to me and that I was getting sucked into some vortex of fear and despair. It became apparent, too, that the entity had two smaller cohorts on either side of it that helped it out. However, it was the main one leading the attack and feeding off of my fear. It felt like it wanted to kill me or destroy my soul.

I am not anyone that claims to be psychic, but this whole event was happening on a psychic level. I do believe in god, and I knew the only way to fight it was to pray, and I prayed hard and with all my faith, and that dissolved its influence over me. It was only then that I thought to wake my partner and ask if he saw it. He did not, but he believed because the same thing had happened to an earlier roommate. By the way, I was not ''paralyzed. '' This was not sleep paralysis. Before I moved in with my partner, he had had a consultation with a psychic (at a bar of all places. ) As soon as the reading started, the psychic told him he (the psychic) was going to give the money back and that there was a serious problem or danger in my partner's house. He was told to go home and light a white candle and say the Lord's Prayer some number of times. That freaked my partner out, and he did the blessing. He was never bothered by the entity personally. It was only me and his earlier roommates.

I had ongoing nightmares when living in that house of a demonic spirit invading or about to invade the house through the front door. In the dream I had forgot to lock it, and at the same time all the lights (in the dream) were flickering like the electricity was failing. I would desperately try to flip the light switches in the hallway, terrified that I would have to be in the dark when the demon invaded. I would always wake up from these in a panic. These started before I had the actual encounter with the entity described above. After the ''attack'' by the entity, I really wanted to move out of the house. Around the same time there was an armed robbery of a pizza delivery boy near our house, and crime was increasing, so we also had another reason to sell the house. My partner also was concerned about the entity. I was worried that the entity would follow me, or that I was actually just going a little insane, and that it would be the exact same in a new house.

We moved to a very cheery house in nearby Upland, and it was like night and day. No creepy ''watched'' feelings in either the daytime or nighttime. My nightmares stopped, and the oppressive worry and fear over this ghost or demon just faded, like it never happened. Since then we have been very careful about new houses we have moved into. I have gotten good at recognizing when I am in or near a house that has some dark spirit. I still recognize that feeling I had in the Montclair house.

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