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Ghost photos from Redding

This is a side by side of the picture with the colors inverted, so you...

This pic was taken in April 2014 at Parkville Cemetery approximately 2...

This picture was taken in April 2014 at Parkville cemetery @ 2 am. A f...

This is the black and white photo of the ''faces on the fence'', the b...

I did an investigation up in Redding, CA at Parkville Pioneer Cemetery...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the stories of Parkville Cemete...

My sisters and other family members were visiting our mother's grave s...




You can see the clear outline of a ghost or spirit of some sort in the...
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  I have grown up my entire life on Christine Ave. I am now 45. There has been many many accidents throughout the years on the Sac. River by the park. A friend of mine's uncle drowned, a little girl was ran over, and many more, oh and a young girl was hit by a train in a wheel chair who lived in the welfare apartments by the baseball fields.
Under the railroad tracks is very haunted. My back yard sat right under it. Be careful what you are messing with. My ex mother in law owns the big blue Victorian home; there is some weird stuff that goes on at that end of the trail as well.
I thought a person was talking and walking at me but nobody was there. Freaked me out so I left in a hurry.
    by Laurie


I moved into my current address about almost four months ago and have heard several weird unexplainable sounds. I awoke last night and saw a movement. I looked and saw a woman in jeans and a short sleeved shirt and short ruffled dark hair. She walked from the corner of my door into the hall and turned into the bathroom. I jumped from my bed and ran to the bathroom expecting to see a woman inside, but no one was there. I've known since I moved here that I wasn't alone, but last night proved it.

About a month ago I was sitting at my desk which sits not even five feet away from the front door, and I heard 3 knocks, which I thought strange, because it was daylight. I got up to answer the door, and no one was there. I sat back down and heard frantic knocking. I looked again and still no one, so I sat down and less than five minutes I heard frantic scratching on the door. Of course, I relaxed telling my daughter ''oh it's Molly, our dog. '' I stood to open the door, and my daughter said ''no, it's not. She's in the living room with me. '' The hair on the back of my neck rose that time.
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I was out in the back yard last night smoking a cigarette as usual and I was about to go back inside when I noticed an object in the sky. It was cigar...

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