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This is a side by side of the picture with the colors inverted, so you...

This pic was taken in April 2014 at Parkville Cemetery approximately 2...

This picture was taken in April 2014 at Parkville cemetery @ 2 am. A f...

This is the black and white photo of the ''faces on the fence'', the b...

I did an investigation up in Redding, CA at Parkville Pioneer Cemetery...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the stories of Parkville Cemete...

My sisters and other family members were visiting our mother's grave s...




You can see the clear outline of a ghost or spirit of some sort in the...
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  My mom used to tell me that ghosts and spirits were not real until I described to her this little boy. He could not have been more than eight years old. I had seen him standing on air at the foot of my bed for a couple nights in a row. My mom waited until my little sister and my brother had left the house. She sat me down and explained to me that when she was little her family lived in an old house in Jones Valley where this little boy had come from. She said that this little boy had never hurt anyone, but he has been following her around for years and years. Now he was following me. My mom and I were the only two in the house we lived in that could recognize when he was around or even see him for
    that matter.

He only wore overalls with one side strapped on because the other strap is missing. The pants part of the overalls was bloody and muddy. His white shirt under the strap was dingy and torn. He tried to talk to me in my sleep while he was standing in my doorway. However, because the hallway light was always on, I could not ever make
out what he was trying to say. I could only see his jaw moving and his hands twitch every so often. A couple of weeks before my grandmother passed I was able to encounter a visit from a little girl. She appeared to be no more than twelve years old. She wore a dress that looked to be from the 1940s. Her hair was matted and nappy but only on one side of her head. I was never able to see her feet. She just floated where she was. She too tried to talk to me, but the lights were on in the background, and there was no noise. I wish I could better communicate with these children to help them find their way through this horrible in-between they're stuck in.
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I was out in the back yard last night smoking a cigarette as usual and I was about to go back inside when I noticed an object in the sky. It was cigar...

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