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I ghost hunt frequently at Elephant Rock (Sycamore Park) and I get pic...

Out of respect for privacy of owners - I can't say where the property ...

Here's the other picture....

Hi Drive, Simi Valley, CA, people died in April and May 2009....
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  My Story is one that involves all five of my family members. My folks bought a brand new home in 1964 on Appleton Road near Fitzgerald. My brother was four, and my sister was three (I was born in 1966. ) My brother told me when they were moving in he and my sister were playing hide and seek while my parents were unpacking. My brother ran into my sister's room and opened the sliding door to her closet quite quickly thinking she would be in there. Instead, he saw a very serious and angry looking lady glaring down at him. He nervously waved and said ''hello,'' but she just continued to look down at him. He tore down the hallway at brakeneck speed to the garage were my parents were.

This was the
    beginning of a series of events that occurred for the entire time we lived in the house (which was fifteen years. ) One of the events that I most remember was when I felt like something was sitting on me. Another was when I felt something breathing in my ear VERY closely. One of the last big things I remember was hearing what I thought was my mom getting
comfortable on the bunk bed below me. (Dad would snore loudly. ) Something told me it wasn't ''mom,'' and I turned my light on and flung my head down really fast only to find... Nothing! The bed was still made and untouched. I heard ALL the sounds of someone in the bed getting comfortable, and there was no one!!!

I would also hear what seemed to be conversations between a man and woman, very faint, without one word being discernable. Also, there were lots of footsteps up and down the hall. There are too many happenings to list here, but these events were experienced by all family members in one way or another.

I would LOVE nothing more than to know why the land is not right. We had
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I was hiking in the hills north of Simi Valley when I noticed a metallic cylindrical object sitting on top of a ridge ahead of me about half a mile aw...

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