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Has anyone in Temecula seen anything like this? My 7-year old has draw...

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Temecula Cemetery ... I was out one night with a friend and decided to...

My family moved here to Temecula in 2004, we live in Verano of Margari...
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  If you're a teenager and live in Temecula/Murrieta, you have probably heard and/or have been to the ''haunted mill. '' There are a few back stories; a lot are different. Supposedly a long time ago a family and two daughters owned the mill, along with their caretaker. The caretaker hanged one of the daughters in the middle window and forced the other daughter to watch. Now the girl haunts the middle window of the mill. I also have heard from people who live by the mill that a teenager fell off the top of the mill and died a long time ago as well.

Anyways back to my experience, a few years ago a few friends and I decided to go. It was about 2-3 am. We drove there, and when we arrived out
    front we climbed through the hole in the fence and walked to the back of the mill. Like I said, this was a few years ago when there was still an opening in the back to get inside of the mill. We climbed up the little ladder into the hole in the back wall to get inside. It was really scary, and I was the last one to climb in. Once we got there, my friends
walked into the front room, but I stayed behind with another one of my friends because I was too scared. About five minutes later, my friends come back saying they saw a shadow and wanted to get out of there. We all freaked out and hopped back up through the window and climb out.

Once we were all out, we stood in front of the window in the back of the mill, still talking. It began to get quiet. Then we heard crying coming from the inside of the mill. At first it was really faint and didn't even sound like crying. We almost mistook it for a dog barking, but then the crying got louder, angrier, and turned into crying and screaming. We all freaked out and ran into the car and drove off. We think
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I remember back in 1982 I saw a UFO here in Temecula. I was only 6 when it happened but there were some other people who were adults that saw it too s...

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