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The shadow was very rectangular with rectangle arms and legs and a slightly thicker body yet no variation in thickness where one might suppose a neck or knee or bottom or thigh might exist -no feet and a circle for a head.

A dark shadow - yet definitely a shadow.
Submitted by Jeff

Comment by Kimberly: I never saw anything on the 15 when I lived there but I used to live not too far from the Roy Rogers exit. I have heard a story of a suicidal man who played in traffic near that area. He was hit and killed.

       Categories: man, shadows, road, highway, legs

I used to live in Phelan for 12 years, my house on the corner of Beekly and Yucca Terrace is haunted I believe, when I was younger the closet door in my room used to open by itself, I once saw a man dressed in a white dress suit of zoot suit standing in front of my closed door, my room used to get freezing at times then back to normal. My mother and father used to hear a crying baby down the hall from their room, sounds coming from where my sister and my bedroom was located, we set up a night vision camera for security reasons and my mother, and sister claim to have seen multiple shadows and spirits walking through our gated property as if they where wandering or lost, one case was a fat man in suspenders and a wife beater walking through our locked gate and stopping before the porch and gazing into the camera then disappearing. My mother used to be a collector of paper Mache clown figures and statues, me and my sister had seen the paper Mache clown turn it's head to look at us then turn back to normal, clowns on parachutes hanging from the ceiling used to twirl without any air or wind. A friend of mine was holding a thick glass beer mug and the whole bottom perfectly cracked and the bottom fell out. My mother used to see specters or shadows making their way from my sister room to my room, shadows that where darker than dark. I had a puppy named king and he died of parvo int he winter, that summer as I was walking down the unlit hallway a ghost of a puppy ran towards me to end up being nothing there. My whole family used to hear footsteps pattering across our ceilings and under the floorboards, footsteps heard down the dark hallway, my sisters room would get very cold even in the summer at night and she never liked staying in there she was terified.As children me and my sister have felt a crushing weight on our chests in the night and would scream for our mothers help. Many unexplainable nightmares, some would reoccur specifically. There is a triangle formation of Joshua trees in the back yard we dug there to uncover a coffin with the carcass of a baby cow or buffalo of some sort wrapped in linen and buried in a shallow grave. Once when I was falling asleep, as I closed my eyes a woman's voice right in my ear sharply whispered my name I sat up in a panic and no one was there. Some days we would see a weird haze int he sunlight inside of the house, almost a misty light smoke that would disappear and leave behind a hint of Cologne smell, my mother thinks it was my grandfather hanging around. More than two times we heard small children's laughter in the house. Me and friends used to visit the now condemned beekly manor and we would see figures looking at us through the windows, we would investigate to find nothing, there are two saloon type dressed women and a large man that I call Hoss, he wears cowboy clothes and is around 6 feet tall and robust. During a full moon me and my friends where playing outside in a field near my friends house, I ran into a 7-8 foot tall thin 'jack skelington' type figure under the full moon, it's face was flattened, and somewhat melted looking it's eyes where deep and black pits, I in pure terror and did not tell my friends, I drew a sketch and placed it in a bible. Later that week two roommates of mine living at that house had re-occurring nightmares about the 'melted face phantom' without me describing to them we all had the same general description, it was tall slender, and lanky with stringy black hair, a flat melted face and deep hollow eyes, it wear a cloak or something like clothes that appears to be blacker than black. A lot of strange things have happened to me in Phelan as well as other places, I think maybe something's have followed me from place to place, where I stay at now in Hesperia a shampoo bottle had wobbled in place then to a stand still as I felt a cold presence pass me by towards the closed window, I got goose bumps. I have many more experiences and they all have effected me and I do believe in good and bad spirits, voodoo, witchcraft, and evil spirits / demons. When I lived with an ex-girlfriend I walked through the hallway to the kitchen and a childlike dark shadow rushes me and ran through my stomach I felt nothing but cold, and in the same house I witnessed a glimpse of what looked like a dwarf or small gnomish creature walk into a room and slowly close the door at a very slow almost unnoticeable pace. Has anyone seen anything like this? I know I am not crazy and my family isn't either. There has to be someone out there that believes.... When we would try to bless the house with Catholic saint candles and prayers the candles would burn at a really fast pace and leave the glass a dark sooty black, my mother says that shows the candles where working against the evil or negative in the house I used we used to live in Phelan.
Submitted by G


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