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Hi my name is Cruz I live with my family on Oahu Hi and a little after moving into our home on a military complex I heard many strange noises and felt an energy and something every now and then behind me or around me. I decided to leave a video camera on one morning when I left to take my children to school that takes a good hour and when I got back and checked the video I was floored and scared on what I heard in that video, the loud noise of a chair being slid across the linoleum and loud knocking .
I decided to record about 4 more times but after hearing more and more and seeing a little bit I was too scared and backed off and tried to ignore what evidence I had picked up on this video just telling myself that the house is new and is settling. Months later my 9 year old stated talking to me very casually about a little boy a girl and an old women and old man that he sees in the house. I was scared to say the least but I was supportive and just told him to be nice to them because maybe they are lonely and that if he really believes that they are around that they are not here to harm him.
Words that a child wants and needs to hear from a parent and of course this is not the first time this son has had these types of encounters with things and people he claims to see. I never want any of my kids to feel that they cannot come to me for comfort or advice but I wish he would not see or feel this because as a child I went through this and I lived scared too death and I would not dream of telling my parents they would have thought I was mad. Well I started feeling very strong presence lately and ignored it but then it was so curious when my 1 year old baby became so terrified at something in our back porch sliding door. He was clearly scared and it showed.
He hid behind my legs I had my back to the sliding glass door because I was looking at some documents on the kitchen table and he let out a cry as he peeked on the side of my legs to look back at the sliding glass door. The cry though was a cry in a frightened way I have never felt that he was so scared ever, not in that way.
It scared me and I decided to gather the kids and retire for the night. Days later I got brave and said let me just take some pictures outside and see what I can find. Maybe this is what I have heard if you go looking for something you will find it, but what I found shocked me to say the least. They appear in my home. Almost always five of them. Could this be dust? I am clueless and I feel that there is a presence. Can you help me better understand this. Thank you for your time. - Ghost picture submitted by Cruz

Comment by anonymous:
Those are ghostly orbs. Where do you live? Did you research the history of the home? I would suggest having someone bless your home cleanse it and you and your family so it doesn't follow you. And I would move.

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