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The picture pretty much explains itself. June 23rd 2008 around 2-3 am....
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  This happened in 1978 between July and September on Stobbs Street Riverside, California. I do not know the address but was told that it happened in some apartments. My parents were sleeping one night when suddenly my father woke up and started hitting my mother then jumped out of bed then ran down stairs where she found him staring at the wall. My father said he was asleep then felt something tickling his feet. He thought it was my mother. He opened his eyes and saw something in bed in between them. He started punching at it but was unable to hit it. Whatever it was jumped out of bed and ran downstairs where he continued to fight with it. It then ran into the wall after knocking down a small
    statue ''which turned to dust'' leaving a perfect off colored circle into the paint. My mother had come downstairs only to see him with scratches looking at the wall.

A couple of days later, my mother had just put me to sleep when she saw something down the downstairs hallway smiling at her. At that moment my dad walked through the door from
work scaring her. My mom turned to my dad telling him ''that wasn't funny. '' She then looked down the hall only to see that nothing was there. The description of this thing only varies by height. When my dad was fighting it, it was around four feet tall. When my mother saw it, it seemed like it was taller or was floating. Both claimed that it was wearing an Arabian/Sheik outfit with a headdress. They said that its skin was pinkish with three fingers or talons. Its eyes were large, black, and sunken. My mom described the smile as a picket fence. It was at this same place that my older brother had seen a shadow figure on the door with glowing eyes which caused him to have an asthma attack.
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