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Ghosts not real

By Anonymous

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Ok well I just want to say that ghosts are not real. They are hallucinations of the mind and I can prove it. In your brain there are electromagnetic Waves that are equally balanced. So when there is technology present it gives off impulses of electromagnetism and these electromagnetic impulses cause an uneven balance of electromagnetism in the brain thus resulting in a hallucination.
Now before technology and even today, granite and underground water was and still is the cause of hallucinations because both also give off electromagnetic impulses.

    - Posted by Anonymous

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Strange topic for this site but let's see what people say….
    - comment by Anonymous

Wow, lot of science and big words there Nathanael. How do you explain moving objects and objects appearing out of nowhere? Most of my ghost experiences have been of moving objects not apparitions. Do you have a scientific explanation for that? Didn't think so.
    - comment by Anonymous

Ghosts are real. They are just energy. Have seen them, heard them, and have experienced things being physically moved on numerous occasions. It's hard to call them fake when you've seen your close deceased family look as alive as thoughs living. This guy should kick bricks.
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