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Delaware Ghost Sightings.

These are the most recent ghost sightings in Delaware

Harrington, Delaware - I own a home on Harrington Avenue here in Harrington, DE. I have lived here for the last ten years. I grew up in Felton, DE and lived here in Harrington one summer back in 1993 in an older apartment building. In the few months I lived in Harrington t... READ MORE

Marydel, Delaware - One night I woke up to flashing lights in my bedroom window. I thought it was creepy but I just left it alone. Then about an hour later I saw the flashing lights again. I thought to myself I wonder what that is but I went back to bed and said it must... READ MORE

New Castle, Delaware - I worked at State Hospital and had many strange feelings of someone looking over my shoulder. Creepy.... READ MORE

Laurel, Delaware - I just moved out of a house on Georgetown Rd. Right across from the school and that place was haunted big-time. Knocks on my door, a shadow figure multiple family members have seen, and that eerie feeling of being watched.
Not to mention I had anx...

New Castle, Delaware - One day during the summer I was sweeping the sidewalk and I stop because it felt like I was being watched. I look behind me and a tall figure was standing and waving at me. I look away and then take another look at the figure and it was gone without ... READ MORE

Middletown, Delaware - In the Everett Theater I was rehearsing for a show with the rest of my cast during a thunder storm. The power went out which is understandable based on the intensity of the storm. Then the odd stuff started to happen. I saw the figure of a man in the... READ MORE

New Castle, Delaware - I live near the state hospital. Have had strange things happening off and on; spirit sightings as well. Thinking it could be due to the cemeteries on the hospital grounds.... READ MORE

Smyrna, Delaware - Me and my 4 other siblings lived on East Commerce Street in Smyrna, and we have all had experiences of the paranormal. One story is all of us kids and my mom were watching movies one Sunday afternoon. Nobody was up running around, and this is right a... READ MORE

Bear, Delaware - As I lay in bed I see the same shadow walk by in my hall. I used to sleep with the door half open but almost every night I would see what stunned me. A man with a black suit and tall top hat who looked like... Abraham Lincoln. He would stand in my do... READ MORE

Hartly, Delaware - While I was in my room one night I started hearing strange noises and loud banging. It happened on Thursday night. My little sister went to spend the night in my moms room. My father was on the couch with my grandparents watching a movie.
My fathe...

Middletown, Delaware - My husband and I were staying above Sully's Pub and a week after moving in we heard stuff moving around all around us. Occasionally we would hear voices in the hall outside the apartment. The smell of smoke was often smelled in the living area.

Georgetown, Delaware - I clean the Georgetown Townhall.... Sometimes I feel like somebody is in there with me.... My friend has seen things.... People like from the 1700 hundreds.... READ MORE

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Seaford, Delaware - Did you get pictures because Fredrick Douglas and Airport Road are very dangerous because they are t...

Millsboro, Delaware - Lol that's crazy!....

Middletown, Delaware - Delcityghosthunters. org check them out. They are doing a tour in Middletown this October. You shoul...

Harrington, Delaware - I have owned and lived in this house (both units A&B) for over 17 years. There is something about th...

Harrington, Delaware - If I'm understanding correctly your talking about Crybaby Bridge which is on the outskirts of felt o...

Wilmington, Delaware - Where can we watch the video....

Harrington, Delaware - Where is this bridge exactly? I live in Harrington but am unfamiliar with this....

Delaware City, Delaware - How long ago was you there? And where about in Delaware city?....

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Bear - - 4 sightings

Bethany Beach


Bridgeville - - 1 sighting


Camden Wyoming - - 1 sighting

Claymont - - 1 sighting

Clayton - - 3 sightings



Delaware City - - 2 sightings

Delmar - - 2 sightings

Dewey Beach - - 1 sighting

Dover - - 5 sightings

Dover Afb


Ellendale - - 3 sightings


Felton - - 4 sightings - 1 PHOTO

Fenwick Island - - 2 sightings

Frankford - - 1 sighting

Frederica - - 1 sighting


Georgetown - - 2 sightings



Harbeson - - 1 sighting

Harrington - - 5 sightings

Hartly - - 5 sightings

Hockessin - - 1 sighting



Kenton - - 3 sightings


Laurel - - 2 sightings

Lewes - - 12 sightings




Marydel - - 2 sightings

Middletown - - 4 sightings

Milford - - 5 sightings

Millsboro - - 6 sightings


Milton - - 1 sighting



New Castle - - 7 sightings

Newark - - 2 sightings


Ocean View

Odessa - - 1 sighting


Port Penn - - 2 sightings


Rockland - - 1 sighting


Saint Georges

Seaford - - 2 sightings

Selbyville - - 1 sighting

Smyrna - - 4 sightings


Townsend - - 3 sightings




Wilmington - - 12 sightings - 1 PHOTO



Yorklyn - - 1 sighting


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