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Hawaii Ghost Sightings.

These are the most recent ghost sightings in Hawaii

M C B H Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii - I haven't been to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii since I was 2 and a half, but I remember my experiences. I lived on the first floor of the old duplex on Manning Court which isn't there anymore. I was born on February 17th, 1994 in ''the ugly pink hospital'' on... READ MORE

Ewa Beach, Hawaii - I lived in Iroquois Point from 2011 to 2014. I used to night fish in the lagoon, and around 3 am I saw a man walking along the lagoon path. This was nothing new because people walked their dogs at all hours of the night. Being friendly I said ''hello... READ MORE

M C B H Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii - I would like to share a story of when my family was stationed at the Kaneohe Bay Marine Base in Hawaii in 2005. We ended up getting a little house off Hanson Circle. Well, let's start with the moment I set foot in the house. At that time I was 26 yea... READ MORE

Waialua, Hawaii - In 1984 a tourist drowned down at the beach, some who are old enough may still remember this. The tourist still haunts the beach. He shows up at the waterline when it's very quiet and not many people around, he hates crowds.
Best time to see him i...

Honokaa, Hawaii - I live in the Pa'auhau community, which is called the ''Land of Sunshine. '' It's a beautiful place, but has a history behind it. It was here that King Kamehameha the Great nearly lost a battle. The battle of Pa'auhau was told to be very gruesome wit... READ MORE

Honolulu, Hawaii - I was born and raised here and have heard and read a lot of good ghost stories as well as a whole lot of bad ones. However, the ones I thought were ridiculous were the ones that involve seeing one or more fireballs. It was ridiculous until one night ... READ MORE

Lahaina, Hawaii - Ever since we moved into our new home in Kahana Ridge I have had the feeling we are not alone. Quite a few times I have woken in the middle of the night, and it appeared like someone was standing in the hall off our master bedroom. I have gotten up t... READ MORE

M C B H Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii - I used to live in base housing at the foot of the Ulupau Crater, Connor loop. Strange things happened sometimes. It started out with our stove which would turn on red hot when no one was in the kitchen area. My bed would shake; I just thought it was ... READ MORE

Hana, Hawaii - I wanted to share this with the people of Hawaii in Maui. I went to the rainforest in Hana on August 17, 2016. I do believe in spirits because I died and was sent back 18 years ago. The picture that you are about to see is what was taken when me, my ... READ MORE

Mililani, Hawaii - We used to live close by the private school next to Kipapa Gulch in 2002. When I was 17 I started to experience Kanashibari, or a Choking Ghost. Usually early in the morning, while sleeping on my stomach, I would wake suddenly with the sensation of b... READ MORE

Waipahu, Hawaii - Me and my boyfriend was cruising at Waipahu intermediate school. We go there usually every night and it's just weird feelings like someone is watching you. One night I was sitting down on the benches by one of the buildings, and something or someone ... READ MORE

Waipahu, Hawaii - Is the Wahiawa Botanical Garden haunted by a mother looking for her kids or yours? Https://lookintoHawaii. com/Hawaii/47494/ green-lady-of-wahiawa- information-all-islands-hi .... READ MORE

Recent Comments:
Hilo, Hawaii - I remember that place! I had some friends who lived there in the late 1980s early 90s... At first no...

Waianae, Hawaii - Where by Leihoku....

Kailua Kona, Hawaii - The first part of your Palisades story reminds me of the earthquakes we experience in Kealakekua. Th...

Lahaina, Hawaii - Yes it does have something to do with the grave site. The land you are on is haunted with spirits....

Kapolei, Hawaii - Can you give me the address for your house? I am wondering if it was a little boy with a red shirt a...

Waianae, Hawaii - It might have been a wondering animal spirit. Animals used to be buried at the beach across from the...

Hilo, Hawaii - Yes! I was told it was built in the early 20's--30s. I heard it's still vacant. !....

Kaneohe, Hawaii - Aloha. I live in Kahaluu. I used to work at the old building of Zippys across from the Windward Mall...

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Aiea - - 5 sightings

Anahola - - 2 sightings


Captain Cook - - 1 sighting



Ewa Beach - - 4 sightings - VERY RECENT SIGHTING


Haiku - - 1 sighting


Haleiwa - - 1 sighting

Hana - - 1 sighting




Hawaii National Park


Hilo - - 5 sightings


Honokaa - - 2 sightings

Honolulu - - 12 sightings - 1 PHOTO





Kahuku - - 1 sighting

Kahului - - 2 sightings

Kailua - - 1 sighting

Kailua Kona - - 7 sightings

Kalaheo - - 1 sighting


Kamuela - - 2 sightings

Kaneohe - - 6 sightings

Kapaa - - 2 sightings


Kapolei - - 8 sightings - 1 PHOTO



Keaau - - 1 sighting




Kihei - - 6 sightings

Kilauea - - 1 sighting



Kula - - 1 sighting

Kunia - - 5 sightings



Lahaina - - 4 sightings


Lanai City


Lihue - - 1 sighting


M C B H Kaneohe Bay - - 17 sightings - VERY RECENT SIGHTING

Makawao - - 1 sighting


Maunaloa - - 1 sighting

Mililani - - 10 sightings

Mountain View





Ocean View





Pahoa - - 2 sightings



Papaikou - - 1 sighting

Pearl City - - 4 sightings - 1 PHOTO






Wahiawa - - 12 sightings - 2 PHOTOS

Waialua - - 1 sighting - RECENT SIGHTING

Waianae - - 8 sightings

Waikoloa - - 9 sightings

Wailuku - - 2 sightings

Waimanalo - - 1 sighting


Waipahu - - 10 sightings


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