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Mississippi Ghost Sightings.

These are the most recent ghost sightings in Mississippi

Southaven, Mississippi - We have been seeing shadows in our backyard. Seeing figures in the corner of our eyes. But when we turn around. Nothing is there. Occasionally I would hear whispers when I'm asleep. I just thought that it's my imagination.
But now.. My husband has...

Golden, Mississippi - My husband told me this story, and I'll be honest I've heard a lot of stories about it. Chicken House Road has a bridge that is said to be haunted. Now I've heard people talk about a girl jumping off the bridge. My husband and his friend decided to d... READ MORE

Sardis, Mississippi - This happened in Sardis, MS on Juanita Street. My fianc?'s house was built in 1997, and I moved with him into this house in 2011. Since moving in we have encountered many things inside the house that have freaked us out. It started one night I was aw... READ MORE

Steens, Mississippi - Just south of Steens on Gunshoot Road you pass a small creek. If you look right towards the southern bank of the creek you can sometimes see the silhouette of a man there. He is assumed to be the ghost of a man who was murdered there a very long time... READ MORE

Natchez, Mississippi - It started out as a great vacation to Florida and making our way back up through Mississippi. I love going to majestic hotels. I decided to book a very nice hotel in Natchez. It is a grand hotel made in the 1920s with marble black floors, brass eleva... READ MORE

Hernando, Mississippi - One night in my mom's house which is off of Mt. Pleasant Road. , I was alone and was awoken out of a dead sleep by the sound of the front door knob moving back and forth very fast and loud. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the front door to... READ MORE

Saucier, Mississippi - I married a man from Saucier, MS and moved to this small quiet community. I did not know at the time that I moved in here that we lived right in the middle of where three Indian burial mounds were located. It seemed immediately after I moved into my ... READ MORE

Vicksburg, Mississippi - I am a Civil War reenactor. I was doing a Monument dedication one weekend for the new Kentucky Monument that was being put up at the National Battlefield Park. We were camping on site, so I decided to go for a walk with my lieutenant and a friend in ... READ MORE

Lucedale, Mississippi - I'm not 100% sure if maybe a ghost follows me, or I just happened to live in two haunted places. As insane as all this sounds, I have 5 witnesses not including family. I lived in Citronelle for a number of years on Howard Avenue next to an old ice ho... READ MORE

Fulton, Mississippi - I live in Fulton, Mississippi and one night me and my sister were taking a shower when we heard a knock. We then realized that both our parents were outside smoking. We though I was a ghost so we hurried, and ran though the shower. One other time I w... READ MORE

Eupora, Mississippi - At my old house I used to hear things like voices and it wasn't inside my head either cause my mom was hearing them too. Some of you may not believe this but I saw a black figure in the corner in my bedroom when I was in bed.... READ MORE

Merigold, Mississippi - There is an old abandoned brick house on Hannah Rd in Merigold, Mississippi just outside of Cleveland MS. Me and my friends always wondered what it looked like. We and our mothers went to the house on Halloween night we all stepped out of the car and...