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Nevada Ghost Sightings.

These are the most recent ghost sightings in Nevada

Boulder City, Nevada - I used to clean houses with a friend of mine and the house on Fifth Street was one of the them. Every time I would go upstairs to one of the rooms an old lady would follow me around like making sure I was cleaning to her satisfaction.
She never bo...

Laughlin, Nevada - Years ago, I worked as a restaurant manager at River Palms Casino. One morning about 5:15 am I was sitting outside of the restaurant writing out the breakfast special sign in anticipation of the restaurant opening at 6am. I was seated in a chair, fac... READ MORE

Elko, Nevada - When I was little my mom owned a motel called the ''OK 7 Motel. '' There were several different things that happened at the motel. After it started my mom found out that it was an old ''way station'' for cowboys who were in between towns with the rai... READ MORE

Las Vegas, Nevada - I moved away from the house we (my twin brother, my older sister, and myself) grew up in when I was about 12. Since then it's stuck in my mind all of the crazy things that happened the 10 or 11 years that we lived there. We lived on Sedona Creek Circ... READ MORE

Tonopah, Nevada - Never saw anything at the Mizpah. However, there was a house out in the new town, one of those with the huge basement. I was employed to clean it when the then manager of Suburban Propane left town (his wife hated Tonopah and just wanted out. ) I sta... READ MORE

Las Vegas, Nevada - I went to Summerlin on a business trip and stayed in room 5233. After a dinner meeting I decided to go to bed. It was around 10:30 (I know early for Vegas. ) I watched a little TV till around 11:00- 11:30. I decided to go to sleep, so I turned the TV... READ MORE

Las Vegas, Nevada - I lived in Las Vegas for twenty-one years. In 1996 I moved from the west side to the east side. I moved to a place off of Maryland Parkway and Haciendas. First I lived in a three-bedroom flat. The man that owned the apartment had recently died there.... READ MORE

Reno, Nevada - There was a home here in Reno, Nevada that was split into two apartments, front and back. I lived in the front. I moved here a year before, and I never have been so terrified ever! I saw that it was old and that it had a strong past, but that it poss... READ MORE

Moapa, Nevada - Hey! I'm Katie I live in Vegas, and I recently visited Moapa in October to do the Corn Maze! It was really scary. I lost my shoe at the end! But let me get started with the pictures. My dad was taking pictures from my phone and his. This weird ''ligh... READ MORE

Dayton, Nevada - I used to live in a house on Ring Rd in Dayton just at the bottom of 6 mile canyon.... Almost nightly we would hear boot steps walking in out living room on our wood floors... One night my brother stayed in our guest room.
The next morning he told...

Mesquite, Nevada - I stayed with my boyfriend at the Oasis Hotel for a package spa deal. When I fell asleep at night I had terrible nightmares of something evil speaking in my ear and pulling me off the bed. I woke up frightened and told my boyfriend what had happened.... READ MORE

Amargosa Valley, Nevada - Hello I used to live in Amargosa Valley and am wondering if you know anything about the phantom hitchhiker at the Death Valley Junction stop sign who unlocks the passenger side door while stopped if your coming in from Pahrump and take a right at the... READ MORE

Recent Comments:
Virginia City, Nevada - This is a good picture! I visited the Murtle Plantation is Louisiana and got pictures just like this...

Carlin, Nevada - It's a mannequin they put there a few year's ago no bs....

Indian Springs, Nevada - Not seeing it either....

Las Vegas, Nevada - What address in Rhodes Ranch. Looking to buy a home there....

Virginia City, Nevada - Geez! I see lots of faces in the glass of that window....

Laughlin, Nevada - It looks like about 9:07 to me....

Reno, Nevada - I work with a guy that lives on the north side of Toll Road, he has a ghost living in his house. He'...

Fallon, Nevada - There was another death on the base that they are not telling you about....

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Amargosa Valley - - 2 sightings




Battle Mountain - - 1 sighting

Beatty - - 1 sighting

Blue Diamond - - 1 sighting

Boulder City - - 18 sightings - VERY RECENT SIGHTING



Cal Nev Ari


Carlin - - 4 sightings

Carson City - - 7 sightings

Crescent Valley


Dayton - - 2 sightings


Denio - - 1 sighting




Elko - - 9 sightings - RECENT SIGHTING

Ely - - 2 sightings


Eureka - - 1 sighting


Fallon - - 7 sightings

Fernley - - 3 sightings



Gardnerville - - 5 sightings - 1 PHOTO



Golconda - - 3 sightings

Goldfield - - 1 sighting



Hawthorne - - 1 sighting

Henderson - - 40 sightings



Imlay - - 1 sighting

Incline Village - - 2 sightings

Indian Springs - - 5 sightings - 1 PHOTO


Jackpot - - 3 sightings

Jarbidge - - 1 sighting

Jean - - 1 sighting



Las Vegas - - 27 sightings - 3 PHOTOS - RECENT SIGHTING

Laughlin - - 5 sightings - 1 PHOTO - RECENT SIGHTING

Logandale - - 1 sighting

Lovelock - - 1 sighting





Mc Dermitt

Mc Gill - - 1 sighting

Mesquite - - 6 sightings

Mina - - 5 sightings

Minden - - 1 sighting

Moapa - - 2 sightings - 1 PHOTO


Mountain City


Nellis Afb - - 8 sightings


North Las Vegas - - 9 sightings



Overton - - 2 sightings



Pahrump - - 7 sightings

Panaca - - 1 sighting

Paradise Valley

Pioche - - 2 sightings


Reno - - 25 sightings

Ruby Valley



Searchlight - - 1 sighting

Silver City

Silver Springs - - 3 sightings


Smith - - 1 sighting

Sparks - - 8 sightings

Spring Creek - - 1 sighting

Stateline - - 1 sighting

Sun Valley - - 10 sightings


Tonopah - - 5 sightings - RECENT SIGHTING



Verdi - - 1 sighting

Virginia City - - 17 sightings - 3 PHOTOS


Wadsworth - - 2 sightings

Washoe Valley - - 2 sightings


Wells - - 4 sightings

West Wendover - - 8 sightings

Winnemucca - - 9 sightings


Yerington - - 5 sightings


Zephyr Cove - - 1 sighting


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