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Nevada Ghost Sightings.

      These are the most recent ghost sightings in Nevada

Nellis Afb, Nevada - We lived on Leithen Circle in Manch Manor from 1985-1990. The first night we moved in at 0300 hours we were awakened to a loud knocking from the front of the house. We thought someone had broken in, so I took my shotgun and went quietly up the hall. ... READ MORE

Eureka, Nevada - I lived in Eureka for six years. 1986 to 1992 I had a janitorial job at Ruby Hill mine. While working alone I felt many odd unexplained feelings as if someone else was there. I did not see ghosts but felt their presences.
I would feel someone ther...

Yerington, Nevada - I was at my friend's house. I was only 12 years old. Her mom sent me in her room to get some stuff. Well I forgot to get the garbage bags, and I went back in to get them. All the windows were shut in the room. I only had the door where no wind could ... READ MORE

Virginia City, Nevada - I was fifteen to seventeen when I stayed at the St. Mary's Art Center. For three summers in a row I was lucky enough to take art classes and explore the secrets of Virginia City. During my stays I slept in the pink room, not sure of the room number, ... READ MORE

Moapa, Nevada - One night I couldn't sleep so I decided to go out into the kitchen/computer room and all the lights were off. The only light was the light emitting from the computer. I started playing a game; an hour passed by and then suddenly the lights turned on ... READ MORE

Jackpot, Nevada - 13 miles south of Jackpot near the old Mineral Hot Springs we made contact with an unknown spirit who was able to shut off my flashlight. Orbs surround that area. And in the 90s the old farm house that was there which is now gone had a murdered male ... READ MORE

Pahrump, Nevada - I moved in about seven months ago with my mom, grandma, grandpa, and uncle and since I've lived here I wake up and my closet door is open and all the books (which were neatly arranged on the shelf) are knocked over.
This isn't an everyday thing bu...

Pahrump, Nevada - When I was 9 ( about 5 years ago) I was sitting in my room playing a video game on my ps2 console when I looked up because I heard a knock. After I got up I walked to the door thinking '' oh it's my sister asking for my help again'' I opened the door... READ MORE

Sparks, Nevada - I moved into a trailer in El Rancho Drive in 2014. I was warned by the neighbors that for some reason this trailer always had some new owners. No one has lived there longer than a couple of months. I never understood why. Then in my second week there... READ MORE

Stateline, Nevada - At my own house I saw my bathroom door close by itself!.... READ MORE

Winnemucca, Nevada - My husband and I were at the Martin hotel for dinner one night. My husband went to use the restroom and found it locked. He waited by the door for a few minutes and heard the door unlock. No one came out, and no one was in the restroom.... READ MORE

Fallon, Nevada - I was walking by the haunted barracks with my mom, dad, and brother. I didn't really think they were haunted until I saw lights flash on and off. The lights turned off, and when they turned back on I saw a terrible sight. I saw a ghost. He had very b... READ MORE

Recent Comments:
Elko, Nevada - Can you give me more detail and times that this occurs thanks. My email is willsparks9966 @yahoo. co...

Elko, Nevada - Where was this if you don't mind me asking. Me and my gf heard something similar to what your descri...

Ely, Nevada - SJ Inn? Give me more details. Where was this at? I've lived here all my life....

Boulder City, Nevada - Hi Malia, I live in the white and pink duplex back yard neighbor to the 5th Street house. Do you kno...

Zephyr Cove, Nevada - I felt a chill go up my spine in the upper bathroom!....

Indian Springs, Nevada - Jackie, I don't see a 'cowboy' either....

West Wendover, Nevada - I live in Wendover. I'm leaving soon on the 13th. What do you know about his and which window? Maps,...

Reno, Nevada - Hey we did an investigation on Linden Street about a month back. Very active. Would you be willing t...

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Amargosa Valley - - 1 sighting

Battle Mountain - - 1 sighting
Beatty - - 1 sighting
Blue Diamond - - 1 sighting
Boulder City - - 17 sightings

Cal Nev Ari
Carlin - - 4 sightings
Carson City - - 7 sightings
Crescent Valley

Dayton - - 1 sighting
Denio - - 1 sighting

Elko - - 6 sightings
Ely - - 2 sightings
Eureka - - 1 sighting - RECENT SIGHTING

Fallon - - 6 sightings
Fernley - - 2 sightings

Gardnerville - - 4 sightings
Golconda - - 3 sightings
Goldfield - - 1 sighting

Hawthorne - - 1 sighting
Henderson - - 40 sightings

Imlay - - 1 sighting
Incline Village - - 2 sightings
Indian Springs - - 5 sightings - 1 PHOTO

Jackpot - - 3 sightings
Jarbidge - - 1 sighting
Jean - - 1 sighting

Las Vegas - - 21 sightings - 2 PHOTOS
Laughlin - - 4 sightings - 1 PHOTO
Logandale - - 1 sighting

Mc Dermitt
Mc Gill - - 1 sighting
Mesquite - - 5 sightings
Mina - - 5 sightings
Minden - - 1 sighting
Moapa - - 1 sighting
Mountain City

Nellis Afb - - 8 sightings - RECENT SIGHTING
North Las Vegas - - 9 sightings

Overton - - 2 sightings

Pahrump - - 7 sightings
Panaca - - 1 sighting
Paradise Valley
Pioche - - 2 sightings

Reno - - 25 sightings
Ruby Valley

Searchlight - - 1 sighting
Silver City
Silver Springs - - 3 sightings
Smith - - 1 sighting
Sparks - - 7 sightings
Spring Creek - - 1 sighting
Stateline - - 1 sighting
Sun Valley - - 8 sightings

Tonopah - - 3 sightings

Verdi - - 1 sighting
Virginia City - - 17 sightings - 3 PHOTOS

Wadsworth - - 2 sightings
Washoe Valley - - 2 sightings
Wells - - 4 sightings
West Wendover - - 7 sightings
Winnemucca - - 8 sightings

Yerington - - 5 sightings - RECENT SIGHTING

Zephyr Cove - - 1 sighting

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