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Rhode Island Ghost Sightings.

These are the most recent ghost sightings in Rhode Island

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I used to live in Woonsocket, and I used to live in that house on Lincoln Street. The place is strange to say the least. During the years I lived there I saw and heard a lot of weird, unexplainable things. Sometimes you would hear voices when no one ... READ MORE

Bradford, Rhode Island - We lived in a rental farmhouse from the 1930s, and weird stuff would drop in the middle of the night. We ran downstairs, and nothing had fallen to the ground. We had a floor lamp, and it would blink around three am while we were watching TV. The next... READ MORE

Mapleville, Rhode Island - I used to live on Cooper Hill Rd. Ever since I was a toddler, my family and I experienced inexplicable events. It mostly all happened in our finished basement, but I tended to experience things up in the living room too. At first, my sister would tal... READ MORE

Warwick, Rhode Island - My husband and I lived in a house in Warwick that was very active to say the least. We lived there for 17 years. So many things went on, and I always felt that there was more than one spirit. I also believe that there was a portal in that house. This... READ MORE

Block Island, Rhode Island - (The account below has several striking similarities to the story submitted by Molly)
My family made a trip to Block Island around 1970. My two older brothers split off one night for a walkabout. The next day I recall no one was talking as somethi...

West Warwick, Rhode Island - In the early 1970s I visited relatives living in an old mansion in West Warwick, RI. They said it was haunted and told us stories of things they experienced there. Being skeptical I just wondered about it. That night I got the creeps in the bedroom u... READ MORE

Cranston, Rhode Island - I lived for several years in a lovely three- storey-nine-room Edgewood Victorian, which happened to be located next to a funeral home. Our house had a large dining room which we used as a family room and spent most of our time in the evenings. Across... READ MORE

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I was a former teacher at the old Woonsocket Middle School from 1990 to 2009 (and then moved to Hamlet). I always used to get there early to setup my classroom and I would be the only teacher on the floor and I would always hear footsteps or a presen... READ MORE

Block Island, Rhode Island - Me and my mom where staying at the Surf Hotel on Block Island and remember I would wake up and hear scratching on the wall or my bed felt like it moved a few inches. My mom said she felt her bed move like someone was sitting on it.
The last day of...

Johnston, Rhode Island - This is actually North Scituate off Snake Hill Road Street right past Cranberry Ridge across from Bonnie Dale Farm. As a kid, I used to run around with my 4 cousins and build forts, run through the streams, etc. However, every night I would be so afr... READ MORE

Lincoln, Rhode Island - Sightings of a woman in a white shirt and black pants occur just before evening under the Aston viaduct Rt 116 bridge in Lincoln/Cumberland. She is usually seen from a distance by walkers or bike riders who use the bike path that runs under the bridg... READ MORE

Westerly, Rhode Island - I recently visited the Ocean House. I was with a group of friends, and we went in to look around. We read the rules as we walked in and realized we were underdressed (we were wearing jeans. ) However, the staff didn't make a big deal out of it becaus... READ MORE

Recent Comments:
Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I also lived on Lincoln for many years. The whole house felt strange but like you the basement was h...

Providence, Rhode Island - Did she go back to the fountain with salt?....

Westerly, Rhode Island - I thank you for your response Bri and I do believe you more so now. I guess nobody will ever know th...

Westerly, Rhode Island - Sorry about the delayed reply.. I don't ever go on here. Its been 2 years since I've logged on here....

Coventry, Rhode Island - Harkney Hill Rd is notoriously haunted; basically the whole Street. Very scary activity there....

Westerly, Rhode Island - If you know the word of God, you would know that when a child dies they are sin free and go straight...

Westerly, Rhode Island - So Bri you haven't responded to any of the comments posted on your story. It's hard to believe that ...

Smithfield, Rhode Island - I have a friend that lives on River st and swears it is haunted! Doors found open that were closed l...

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Ashaway - - 1 sighting


Barrington - - 9 sightings

Block Island - - 8 sightings - 1 PHOTO

Bradford - - 3 sightings - RECENT SIGHTING

Bristol - - 4 sightings



Central Falls - - 2 sightings

Charlestown - - 1 sighting

Chepachet - - 1 sighting


Coventry - - 16 sightings

Cranston - - 2 sightings

Cumberland - - 9 sightings


East Greenwich - - 2 sightings

East Providence - - 12 sightings

Exeter - - 4 sightings - 1 PHOTO





Greenville - - 1 sighting


Harrisville - - 2 sightings

Hope - - 2 sightings

Hope Valley



Jamestown - - 6 sightings

Johnston - - 5 sightings



Kingston - - 1 sighting


Lincoln - - 3 sightings

Little Compton - - 1 sighting


Manville - - 6 sightings - 1 PHOTO

Mapleville - - 4 sightings

Middletown - - 1 sighting


Narragansett - - 1 sighting

Newport - - 3 sightings

North Kingstown - - 5 sightings

North Providence - - 6 sightings

North Scituate - - 2 sightings

North Smithfield - - 1 sighting


Oakland - - 2 sightings


Pascoag - - 2 sightings

Pawtucket - - 7 sightings - 1 PHOTO

Portsmouth - - 1 sighting

Providence - - 5 sightings


Riverside - - 5 sightings

Rumford - - 2 sightings


Saunderstown - - 1 sighting


Smithfield - - 2 sightings


Tiverton - - 4 sightings


Wakefield - - 1 sighting

Warren - - 2 sightings

Warwick - - 7 sightings

West Greenwich - - 5 sightings - 1 PHOTO

West Kingston

West Warwick - - 4 sightings

Westerly - - 14 sightings

Wood River Junction - - 1 sighting

Woonsocket - - 35 sightings - 2 PHOTOS - RECENT SIGHTING

Wyoming - - 1 sighting


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