Rhode Island Ghost Sightings.

These are the most recent ghost sightings in Rhode Island

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I used to live in Woonsocket, and I used to live in that house on Lincoln Street. The place is strange to say the least. During the years I lived there I saw and heard a lot of weird, unexplainable things. Sometimes you would hear voices when no one ... READ MORE

Bradford, Rhode Island - We lived in a rental farmhouse from the 1930s, and weird stuff would drop in the middle of the night. We ran downstairs, and nothing had fallen to the ground. We had a floor lamp, and it would blink around three am while we were watching TV. The next... READ MORE

Mapleville, Rhode Island - I used to live on Cooper Hill Rd. Ever since I was a toddler, my family and I experienced inexplicable events. It mostly all happened in our finished basement, but I tended to experience things up in the living room too. At first, my sister would tal... READ MORE

Warwick, Rhode Island - My husband and I lived in a house in Warwick that was very active to say the least. We lived there for 17 years. So many things went on, and I always felt that there was more than one spirit. I also believe that there was a portal in that house. This... READ MORE

Block Island, Rhode Island - (The account below has several striking similarities to the story submitted by Molly)
My family made a trip to Block Island around 1970. My two older brothers split off one night for a walkabout. The next day I recall no one was talking as somethi...

West Warwick, Rhode Island - In the early 1970s I visited relatives living in an old mansion in West Warwick, RI. They said it was haunted and told us stories of things they experienced there. Being skeptical I just wondered about it. That night I got the creeps in the bedroom u... READ MORE

Cranston, Rhode Island - I lived for several years in a lovely three- storey-nine-room Edgewood Victorian, which happened to be located next to a funeral home. Our house had a large dining room which we used as a family room and spent most of our time in the evenings. Across... READ MORE

Tiverton, Rhode Island - About five years ago I took my girlfriend into Fort Barton. It's got small hiking trails, good nature walk. I had just returned from my four years in the Marine Corps after two deployments to Afghanistan. I am a pretty good hyper focused observer t... READ MORE

Tiverton, Rhode Island - They banned the sale of menthol cigarettes in Ma, so me and my friends drove to Warwick RI to get some. It was around 11 pm-12 am in July. We were initially passing through Fall River where there are multiple businesses in a city-type setting. As soo... READ MORE

Central Falls, Rhode Island - I lived on Lewis Street in CF. There are many experiences on third floor apartment, too many to list. I experience a feeling the sudden presence of something unseen watching you. I hear voices in the middle of the night. My friend saw a small blue cl... READ MORE

Tiverton, Rhode Island - I live in a home off of East Road in Tiverton where there was an apparent suicide. However, we can't find any records of the house or any of the past tenants. Weird things do happen here such as feeling you are watched in the shower, figures in the f... READ MORE

Westerly, Rhode Island - Has anyone ever seen a ghost or floating orb at the Westerly Hospital?.... READ MORE

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Manville, Rhode Island - Hi Rich! That is a demon. I worked a case in which there was a woman's face. She was astral travelli...

Wood River Junction, Rhode Island - I lived in Wood River Junction since I was 7 years old, and the pond I believe you're referring to i...

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I grew up in a home on Coe Street. My parents owned the home for years. We experienced some things a...

Narragansett, Rhode Island - What are you trying to say!?....

North Providence, Rhode Island - That road has always had a creep factor. I'm honestly not surprised at that. I Hope you're well and ...

Lincoln, Rhode Island - I remember that......

Smithfield, Rhode Island - I assume you live either on High Street or Lincoln Street. I no longer live in the house, and I woul...

Cumberland, Rhode Island - I've lived on Dexter my entire life. I'd be interested to know if it was the corner pub or what was ...

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Ashaway - - 1 sighting


Barrington - - 9 sightings
Block Island - - 8 sightings - 1 PHOTO
Bradford - - 3 sightings
Bristol - - 4 sightings


Central Falls - - 3 sightings
Charlestown - - 1 sighting
Chepachet - - 1 sighting
Coventry - - 16 sightings
Cranston - - 2 sightings
Cumberland - - 9 sightings


East Greenwich - - 3 sightings
East Providence - - 12 sightings
Exeter - - 4 sightings - 1 PHOTO


Foster - - 1 sighting


Greenville - - 1 sighting


Harrisville - - 2 sightings
Hope - - 2 sightings
Hope Valley


Jamestown - - 6 sightings
Johnston - - 5 sightings


Kingston - - 1 sighting


Lincoln - - 4 sightings
Little Compton - - 1 sighting


Manville - - 6 sightings - 1 PHOTO
Mapleville - - 6 sightings
Middletown - - 1 sighting


Narragansett - - 3 sightings - 1 PHOTO
Newport - - 3 sightings
North Kingstown - - 5 sightings
North Providence - - 6 sightings
North Scituate - - 2 sightings
North Smithfield - - 1 sighting


Oakland - - 2 sightings


Pascoag - - 2 sightings
Pawtucket - - 8 sightings - 1 PHOTO
Portsmouth - - 1 sighting
Providence - - 5 sightings


Riverside - - 5 sightings
Rumford - - 2 sightings


Saunderstown - - 1 sighting
Smithfield - - 3 sightings


Tiverton - - 11 sightings


Wakefield - - 1 sighting
Warren - - 4 sightings
Warwick - - 7 sightings
West Greenwich - - 5 sightings - 1 PHOTO
West Kingston
West Warwick - - 4 sightings
Westerly - - 15 sightings
Wood River Junction - - 1 sighting
Woonsocket - - 39 sightings - 2 PHOTOS
Wyoming - - 1 sighting

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