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Rhode Island Ghost Sightings.

      These are the most recent ghost sightings in Rhode Island

Tiverton, Rhode Island - On Eagleville Road and there was a dark shadow in the woods, it was also a whitish color. It was at pole 39 on Eagleville Road.... READ MORE

Oakland, Rhode Island - There have been many things in our house that are ghost like and unexplainable!.... READ MORE

North Providence, Rhode Island - I moved into my apartment about 3 years ago on Woodward Rd NP and strange things have been happening ever since. One night I woke up and all my pictures on the walls had fallen. I've been scratched.
Seen shadows, and just last week I had all my bi...

Middletown, Rhode Island - There has been some strange things going on in my house since my cat died last year. I hear meowing sometimes that sounds just like him. And yesterday I found brand new scratch marks on the couch.... READ MORE

Lincoln, Rhode Island - That kid that drowned in the river in the 1960s still haunts the Riverbank near the Martin Street bridge. The rumors are true about this ghost. I'm a skeptic but I have seen him myself and I'm not the one to believe in things like this usually.
I ...

East Greenwich, Rhode Island - If you want to see a ghost go to the Middle Road bridge that crosses the freeway. The north side sidewalk has a haunting. A woman died there under mysterious circumstances about 20 years ago. I don't know the exact details about the death but the fac... READ MORE

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I lived on Warren Ave in Woonsocket for about 10 years when I was a kid. It always had a very uncomfortable feeling. My bedroom was on the second floor, it was very creepy and always felt someone was there and always heard weird noises.
I woke up ...

Exeter, Rhode Island - Went ghost hunting at the grave of Mercy Brown. Was looking at the pictures about a year later, zoomed in and saw a woman sitting on a grave stone, it wasn't Mercy's stone. But something or someone is clearly there without a doubt, this picture still... READ MORE

Wakefield, Rhode Island - Riverside Cemetery is so haunted. If you are a ghost hunter and you live near this is a must-go place. I have seen a full body apparition here of a middle age woman. I don't know who she was. She just appeared right in front of me.
I have seen gho...

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I lived in Woonsocket on Willow St and believe that my apartment was haunted. Things would be moved and then replaced moments later. We would hear sounds right on the side of us with no one there, and the heater would be turned up while we slept all ... READ MORE

Cumberland, Rhode Island - We were racing on the back roads in Cumberland R.I. when my friend crashed his father's T-Bird in front of the cabins by fingernail Freddys . It was where we saw his ghost in the cabin. We left fast.... READ MORE

Providence, Rhode Island - I've seen her twice now, there's a woman who walks around the east side of Providence, RI at night. Her clothes are old fashioned mid nineteenth century I'd say and if you speak to her she asks you if you've seen her husband. Has anyone else seen the... READ MORE

Recent Comments:
Westerly, Rhode Island - Hello my name is Sean, I am member of a paranormal group in Rhode Island. If you would like used to ...

North Kingstown, Rhode Island - We were in Wickford Middle when we saw it and it was gone....

East Providence, Rhode Island - On a Monday I was walking to the D house bathroom from computer tech I heard a little girl's voice s...

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I used to go to that school when I was younger and it always felt creepy....

Pawtucket, Rhode Island - Where the train tracks are along with the bike path and the lakes behind the tennis courts....

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - I see three faces....

Woonsocket, Rhode Island - Wow that's so weird because I lived near the old middle school and every time I passed it I would se...

North Smithfield, Rhode Island - I'm 9 and I I've in NS and I have been experiencing scary things. Me and my friend at school are hea...

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Ashaway - - 1 sighting

Barrington - - 7 sightings
Block Island - - 6 sightings - 1 PHOTO
Bradford - - 1 sighting
Bristol - - 4 sightings

Central Falls - - 2 sightings
Coventry - - 14 sightings
Cranston - - 2 sightings
Cumberland - - 9 sightings

East Greenwich - - 1 sighting
East Providence - - 10 sightings
Exeter - - 4 sightings - 1 PHOTO


Greenville - - 1 sighting

Harrisville - - 2 sightings
Hope - - 1 sighting
Hope Valley

Jamestown - - 5 sightings
Johnston - - 4 sightings


Lincoln - - 1 sighting
Little Compton

Manville - - 4 sightings
Mapleville - - 2 sightings
Middletown - - 1 sighting

Newport - - 3 sightings
North Kingstown - - 5 sightings
North Providence - - 5 sightings
North Scituate
North Smithfield - - 1 sighting

Oakland - - 1 sighting

Pascoag - - 2 sightings
Pawtucket - - 4 sightings
Portsmouth - - 1 sighting
Providence - - 2 sightings

Riverside - - 3 sightings
Rumford - - 1 sighting

Saunderstown - - 1 sighting
Smithfield - - 1 sighting

Tiverton - - 4 sightings

Wakefield - - 1 sighting
Warren - - 1 sighting
Warwick - - 2 sightings
West Greenwich - - 5 sightings - 1 PHOTO
West Kingston
West Warwick - - 3 sightings
Westerly - - 11 sightings
Wood River Junction
Woonsocket - - 23 sightings - 1 PHOTO

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