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Submitted by ALPS

Marysville: Angels of Light Paranormal Society. Alpsyubasutter @gmail.

Com https://www. Facebook. Com/angelsoflightparanormalsociety.
approximately 2015.
Submitted by Angels of Light Paranormal Society

Murrieta: Hi, I am a Native American and have been cleansing houses out of evil presences since 2000 when I had my own experience. There is help out there, no need to be afraid in your own home. That it back.... After all you are there now, not them
approximately 2015.
Submitted by AJ

Modesto, California: Hi. I'm a hunter in Modesto an I'm looking for a very scary and haunted area, if any one knows of such a place around here please let me know. I'll be more than happy to check it out. Please get back to me thank you. Mckuinm
approximately 2014.
Submitted by Wretched85


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