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Berry Creek: I am trying to collect true stories info details and facts on ghost and paranormal activity especially in homes cemeteries properties apartments and buildings (occupied or not) but *accessable*. Must be within a 20 mile radius of Berry Creek, CA...
Ie: Oroville Brownsville Oregon house Loma rica Dobbins Berry Creek Rackerby browns Valley Bangor etc. If you have a story haunting info or are curious as I am please write to: Jennifer Wright p. O.
    Box 724 Berry Creek CA 95916. Thank you!.
approximately 2010.
Submitted by Jennifer

Big Bear: My name is Michael baty and I'm with the high desert Paranormal Society and if anyone has any info or haunting around big bear I would very much appreciate an email or phone call. If you are experiencing paranormal activity you can contact me at mjbaty03@hotmail.
Com or call me at 1-760-646-6069. All our services are non profit and don't ask for any monetaries unless you would like to donate to our organization. We have an ordained minister in the group and a support channel if anyone needs one.
Thank you Michael baty (lead researcher - high desert Paranormal Society).
approximately 2009.

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