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Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Discovery Bay, California

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida

Indian Lake Estates, Florida
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Richmond - Pittsburg: If anyone knows of any haunted abandoned places in Richmond, CA or Pittsburg pleas contact me at movargasalcantar. K2 @mysummitps. org.
Submitted by Monserrat

Richmond: Hi everyone, I have actually not been fully exposed to any paranormal activity but very interested. I've seen some of these comments and am interested in interviews and possible investigation of any possible ghosts that you all have encountered.
    If your willing to allow me to have a look please contact me through espinozavin12 @gmail .com.
Submitted by Vince

Riverside: Spirit Catchers of Riverside is made up of experienced paranormal investigators which includes one very special supernatural communicator who is gifted in cognizant spirit awareness and communication. The entire team has experienced personal encounters which enable them to identify paranormal activity, not only by their individual keen awareness, but as a team. Each team member has a diverse curiosity of the paranormal and offer their own unique abilities and perspectives. This is what makes SCOR so effective. If you want to see haunted places in Riverside find our videos on our web page.
Submitted by Fabian

Roseville, California: I live in this area and find this very interesting. I own a paranormal investigation team and if you would like to email us about conducting and investigation (completely free) please don't hesitate to email us at : paranormalinvestigationteens @gmail. com.

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