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Petaluma: Hola, I am attempting to film haunted areas in Petaluma. I have a team of four. We are not attempting to talk or meet just film. Email me: benbadillo
approximately 2017.
Submitted by Bbluna

Paso Robles: I am trying to get some info on a house in or just out of town in Paso Robles CA. And a cemetery called adelaida. I have read some stories about stoning of witches back in the day and they haunt a house there and a cemetery that is haunted too.
    I would like to visit these locations and read up on the history of them. I would like to get the address of both these places if possible. And any other information of them so I can read up on. I plan to visit them and do some stone sketching of the head stones.
It is a hobby I love to do with art pencils to sketch the names and date on old stones markers. If anyone knows of the address to both these places please pass it on to me via ldy_n_blk@hotmail. Com thank you liadan.
approximately 2013.
Submitted by Liadan

Paranormalife: Any sightings in California? Want us to do a investigation for free?? Contact us!
approximately 2013.

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