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I have lived in New Hartford my whole life on the family farm. The house that we used to live in had a whole family die of Smallpox. Then it was abandoned for forty years. When I was little I would be lying in bed, and I could hear pacing in the hallway that walked into my room then double back to my brother's. This was almost every night. Both my mother and I saw him several times. In the attic hung a picture of a previous owner of the property of the house who looked just like the spirit. In the basement was another spirit who lingered by the old well. I was stacking fire wood in the basement and turned to see a man looking at me. Then I realized from the waist down he was in the wood pile; then he was gone. I told my mother later that day. Her face went white. She had been seeing him on and off for years as she did the laundry. He would just stare at her.

It was the barn, which I still work in, that the original owner of the property committed suicide in by getting drunk then chugging a whiskey bottle of oil. He was the only one who has ever truly disturbed me in any way. You could go months without seeing him. Then one day you would not be able to set foot in the building. You would feel someone breathing down your neck or watching you. The radio would be doing whatever it wanted, lights turning off, equipment turning on, or chains falling down that were previously tightly secured. The worst that happened was when he appeared. Sometimes he would have the appearance of what he might have looked like some time after he died. He was alone when he died, and no one knew till they went looking in the hay loft and found him with his soft flesh eaten off by the barn cats. It could make sleeping hard afterwards. The image would stay in your head, and it was not good.

I have brought people by who did not believe me. Needless to say they did afterwards. It is sad because the only other man I know who knew the other stories of the area has recently passed away. I have several more run-ins on the property and the surrounding area of Baskerville. I have never gone looking for any of what I have come across. I would always go and ask my now-departed friend what had happened in the area. It is sad that that resource is gone. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by anonymous:
I saw an orb today near the Bakersville Package store at about 6:30 a.m. Any info? Anyone?.

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