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I moved to Stratford, CT in 2011. My kid started to hear things and see things. I thought maybe it's a car coming by, you know the lights. Well things got worse. I would hear the stairs like someone was coming up and down, but I would be the only one there.
Then I started to be scared because who believes in ghosts right. Well lights will turn on and off, you would hear banging on the walls, the closet doors opening. I will feel this cold breeze on my back.
I felt something behind me. Well I called the paranormal, they found a lot of activity. A priest came out, blessed the house. Everything was good for a few months, now I started to hear things again like it came back.

My kids are scared, I even called the realtor in Stratford; he doesn't believe me, I want to break my lease, he won't let me .. Now my kids are sick and I don't know what else to do, I have nowhere to go ..
I'm going to call another team out to see if they can prove it to my realtor , I just want to say ghosts are real. - Ghost picture submitted by Lisa

Comment by Carmen:
Sorry, but I see nothing in your photo- what is supposed to be in the photo?.

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